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Pakistan interesting situation.

Posted by QB on October 2, 2007

The Pakistan Presidential election will be on Oct. 6, 2007 and it will be contest between Pervez Musharraf and Makhdoom Amin Fahim, Benazir Bhutto’s party candidate. The chances are Pervez Musharraf will be re-elected for another five years. The interesting situation is that he is under US pressure to accommodate Benazir Bhutto that he has to grant her amnesty for pending corruption charges. Benazir Bhutto innocently denied these corruption charges on CNN when talking to Wolf Blitzer that nothing is proved in the court of law. The question which majority of Pakistanis will not ask her why did she chose to live in self imposed exile during Pervez Musharraf rule instead of facing these charges in the court of law. The corruption charges are not proved in court of law because she run away from Pakistan. The other fact which majority of people ignore that the corruption charges against their corrupt politicians are impossible to prove because of the lack of evidence. This lack of evidence is not due to that these charges are politically motivated but because people who have the evidence are themselves corrupt who were benefited financially by these corruptions. The corrupt politicians and the corrupt group of people are looking forward to make huge money again with Benazir Bhutto get into power.

Benazir Bhutto also talked to BBC on her way to Pakistan schedule to land on Oct. 18, 2007 promising to fight Bush “war on terror” which made Pervez Musharraf very unpopular. She did had some secret meetings with Bush regime officials getting their support and approval after rosy promises of making Dr. A. Q. Khan available to IAEA for questioning, rooting out Taliban from NWFP. Whoever she meet am sure failed to ask her why she believe will succeed where Pervez Musharraf failed?

The latest news is that militants attack Pakistan Military base in Banu captured 24 soldiers. These militants are holding 150 Pakistani soldiers from last year. This attack is an indication of very strong opposition of the Pakistani government pursuing US policies to bomb and kill innocent civilians on suspicions of associated with Taliban or Al Qaida.


3 Responses to “Pakistan interesting situation.”

  1. umehani said

    I think it is criminal that Benazir is being allowed and encouraged to possibly “power share” in Pakistan. She is the worst choice and we were well rid of her and her husband. The fact that the US is supporting her comeback is in itself telling of how much they value Pakistan’s future.

  2. QB said

    The problem with Bush regime is that they believe they will win their “war on terror” with this idiot’s “way forward policy”. The peace can only be achieved with negotiations and thats what puppet President Hamid Karzai is trying to achieve by inviting Taliban for talks and offering them similar deals which Pervez Musharraf did, which was harshly criticized by Hamid Karzai, Bush regime and its European allies. Benazir Bhutto or Pervez Musharraf can’t hold on to power if they continue US policies of aggressions.

  3. raju said

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