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Christian Amanpour interview with Ahmdinejad was very brief.

Posted by QB on October 1, 2007

Christian Amanpour interview with Ahmadinejad was restricted to two questions due to his busy schedule supposed to be aired on Anderson Cooper 360.

Up next, she’s interviewed countless world leaders, but what happened when Christiane Amanpour sat down today with the president of Iran was not exactly what any of us expected. Be right back.

(COMMERCIAL BREAK) COOPER: Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sparked more controversy yesterday with his remarks at the United Nations. His visit to New York has been full of surprises, and now today we got another one. We’d planned on bringing you an exclusive interview with him tonight. We promoted it last night. We promoted it all day. CNN’s Christiane Amanpour was told that she could sit down with Ahmadinejad for a full interview this morning. We thought maybe half an hour at least. That’s what we wanted to bring you.

Didn’t work out that way. Christiane and I talked about it earlier.

COOPER: We were anticipating, obviously, a lengthy sit-down interview with President Ahmadinejad. What happened?

CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR, CNN CORRESPONDENT: We’re not entirely sure. We thought we would have a long interview, at least 30 minutes. We were promised that. We were told early this morning that, in fact, he had a lot of business to take care of and that he was very tired, because as you know, he’s had a very full public schedule here in New York.

COOPER: So as of this morning, they canceled?

AMANPOUR: They did. He had that dramatic confrontation at Columbia University on Monday. Then they said that, OK, maybe he would in a few hours do about 15 minutes with us.

But when it turned out — when he did arrive, he said he had only time for one question. We managed to ask two questions, one of them about the nature of Iran’s activities inside Iraq. This is what he said.

PRES. MAHMOUD AHMADINEJAD, IRAN (through translator): The countries in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf region are able to protect themselves to run their own affairs and to establish security themselves, and do not need external forces and their involvement to interfere in their affairs.

American politicians say a lot of things. The same things they said at Columbia. They didn’t want Columbia University to turn into a forum for debate. But we all accept that universities are venues for the exchange of diverse opinions. They are free, those politicians, to say what they want to say, but the reality and the truth of the matter is moving in another direction. So we don’t really delve into the details of what American politicians here say or think.

What matters to us is move on the right path towards peace, towards the exchange of ideas, and to pave the way to establish friendship and brotherly relations and mutual understanding between nations.
COOPER: And what does that mean? I mean, the U.S. says clearly Iran is, you know, funding not only militias, but also, you know, having explosives shipped in that are killing U.S. troops.

AMANPOUR: As always, they do deny that. They say that in their interest, stable and peaceful Iraq is — is important because of that shared border. Some analysts are saying that, yes, that is their strategic long-term goal, stability in Iraq, but perhaps it’s in conflict with short-term tactical desire to cause trouble for the United States at a time when U.S. is perceived by Iran as being belligerent and sort of beating the drums towards war.

COOPER: When you sat down across from him, I mean, how do you find him? Just — do you get a sense of him as a person?

AMANPOUR: Yes. And I’ve sat across from him several times, once before in an interview and several times in a group press conference, at this dinner that we had the other night.

I think that, you know, he is determined to put Iran’s case in the public. And I think that’s what he tried to do these few days here. And he even said that before he left Iran: We’re going to go and put Iran’s case to the American people.

I’m not sure it turned out exactly as he would have wished it turned out. Obviously, we would have wished we had had that interview that was — that was agreed with the Iranians and with the president. I think that he has — I think that his people also would agree that perhaps they’ve — they’ve done too many events, it’s very tiring, and there are just too many events. Source Anderson Cooper 360

This was it. Christian Amanpour instead of giving her stupid opinions can schedule Ahmadinejad interview in Iran. Ahmadinejad delivered his messages very clearly at Columbia University and UN General Assembly. Christians Amanpour is no different than other CNN reporters biased dishonest and stupid . The Michael Ware is the only honest intelligent reporter on CNN. The other reporters, corespondents, anchors on CNN are all trash.


2 Responses to “Christian Amanpour interview with Ahmdinejad was very brief.”

  1. Ali. D. said

    A day before the Interview,Amanpour was raving about how she would confront the Iranian President with very blunt and hard questions that he would had to anwser direct to. Well too Bad!

    And for some reason that Cooper showed so much hate for the Iranian president, like as if its personal. shouldnt he show a bit of control when speaking in the public domain?

  2. QB said

    Ali all CNN reporters when talking to Muslim countries Head of States are always rude and disrespectful. This is how they show their affection to Israel to keep their jobs. CNN anchors, all of them, were so angry on Irish Host who asked Bush honest questions at the beginning of Iraq invasion which none of the CNN reporters ever asked questing him on his lies. This is how it all work, show your affection and support for Israel, Paula Zahn was more angry than Israel UN Ambassador on Kofi Annan statement that Israel intentionally bombed UN site.

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