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Bush regime has new brainwashing propaganda.

Posted by QB on October 1, 2007

The Bush regime is manipulating the decrease death tolls of US soldiers in Iraq trying to make Americans believe that they are winning the war in Iraq. CNN is repeating is in all their news from last couple of days. The deaths of 64 US soldiers compared to 100 to me is not really a sign of success. The decrease in violence in Baghdad is mostly due to vast majority of Sunnis leaving the city living in Jordan and Syria in refugee camps and US has formed alliance with Sunni Iraqi resistance. The other constant trend since the beginning of Iraq war which is ignored that there were times when the violence was down many times in last five years of US occupation with Iraqi Resistance coming back with more brutal fierce attacks using more sophisticated weapons and tactics. Sunni Iraqi Resistance is getting US financing which they are using to buy arms and ammunition and maybe in the stage of forming alliance with other Sunni Resistance groups to protect themselves from Shia Militias. The Sunni Iraqi Resistance is still very much against the US occupation and this temporary truce with US is good strategy.

Iraq still is not under US control. The US is not winning in Iraq.


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