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Hugo Chavez make Che Guevara revolution vision a successful reality!

Posted by QB on September 28, 2007

The Che Guevara revolutionary vision is making Latin America countries more united with socialist reforms which started with the dynamic leadership and vision of Hugo Chavez. The Venezuelans make the best choice by electing Hugo Chavez in 1999. His sincere honest efforts are improving the lives of millions in Venezuela and he did end the Cuban isolation which has improved the lives of common people. Cuba economy is growing now Bolivia, Nicaragua and Ecuador has developed strong economic relationship following Hugo Chavez policies. This is the beautiful start and still there are plenty of problems these leaders are facing including including the strong resistance from the corrupt government officials and the corrupt politicians who want this revolution to fail. The Bush regime was quick to realize that Hugo Chavez policies will hurt the big US corporations and their way of life and he tried to topple Hugo Chavez popular government with CIA funded coup with alliance with corrupt politicians. The coup failed and Hugo Chavez was in power within couple of days and since than Hugo Chavez has become the harsh critic of Bush, his government and his policies. Hugo Chavez is kind person who has helped the poor neighboring countries and is providing the subsidies heating fuel for poor US citizens. This is sad that the CNN and whole western print and electronic media keep spreading false propaganda against very popular world leader ignoring all what he is doing to improve the lives of millions.

The following article is interesting.

Pink tide – and a revolutionary is born again


One Response to “Hugo Chavez make Che Guevara revolution vision a successful reality!”

  1. Curtis said

    “Bolivia’s President contrasted that with US aid, which he said came with strings, such as concessions for corporations that would perpetuate the neo-liberal economics, which he blames for impoverishing the region. “One wants to subordinate and impose conditions, the other gives unconditional co-operation.”

    And that is the proof in the pudding. Great post.

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