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CNN Bring Saddam Hussein in news.

Posted by QB on September 28, 2007

The following was reported by Wolf Blitzer on Situation Room last night.

New details are emerging of a failed last minute deal that could have averted the war in Iraq — negotiations to have Saddam Hussein go into exile.

Let’s go to CNN’s Brian Todd.

He’s watching this story for us.

What are you learning about this deal and why it fell through — Brian?

BRIAN TODD, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, it’s not exactly how the deal fell through, Wolf. But according to accounts we’re getting there was knowledge of these discussions at the very highest levels.


TODD (voice-over): A dramatic ultimatum on the eve of war.

GEORGE BUSH, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Saddam Hussein and his sons must leave Iraq within 48 hours. Their refusal to do so will result in military conflict.

TODD: But just weeks earlier, President Bush may have known Saddam Hussein was looking for a way out.

February 22nd, 2003 — meeting with then Spanish prime minister, Jose Maria Aznar, at his ranch in Crawford, Texas, according to the Spanish newspaper “El Pais,” Mr. Bush says: “The Egyptians are talking to Saddam Hussein. He seems to have indicated that he would be willing to go into exile if they would let him take $1 billion and all the information he would want regarding weapons of mass destruction.”

Contacted by CNN, a senior Spanish official with knowledge of the meeting says there’s a very high probability this account is accurate. No comment from the Egyptians.
TODD: Now, at the time, State Department officials said they did know about the deal with the UAE that fell flew and at the time they thought it was a good idea. But on any talks between Saddam Hussein and the Egyptians on exile in exchange for $1 billion and his WMD knowledge, we could not get comment from the State Department — Wolf.

BLITZER: And there are some other interesting details emerging from this Spanish newspaper — Brian.

TODD: That’s right. Now, this a transcript of the meeting that Spanish officials tell us was leaked to that newspaper. President Bush quoted by the paper saying Saddam is “a thief, a terrorist and a war criminal.” That compared to Saddam, the late Serbian dictator, Slobodan Milosevic, would “be a Mother Teresa.” And at one point, he says the Americans expect to be in Baghdad by the end of March, 2003. And, of course, as we said, the White House not commenting on the detail of this report. Source : CNN Situation Room Transcript.

This report is clearly looks like new propaganda to tarnish Saddam Hussein reputation by making him look like greedy person who has no sympathy for the people of Iraq. The report is stupid that Saddam Hussein was demanding 1 billion dollars to go into exile because I believe he has accumulated more than that during his 35 years rule. Saddam Hussein had the money and infact there was report before the invasion that he is ready to leave Iraq if US promise not to invade Iraq but Bush the arrogant ignorant stupid moron President said that US is determined to go into Iraq even if Saddam Hussein leave. Wolf Blitzer is suffering from amnesia who believe that Iraq war could have been averted. Wolf Blitzer and all CNN news anchors are so biased dishonest in their reporting that nobody can trust CNN news.

Saddam Hussein could have gone into hiding living in luxury at some undisclosed location but he chose to stay in Iraq. The other argument which is logical that Saddam Hussein might have left Iraq and living at undisclosed location. He had created many Saddam Hussein look a like and one of the fake Saddam Hussein was captured and murdered. The fake Saddam Hussein chooses this option for the huge amount of money for this family. This is probability because US had not captured or have any information about these fake Saddam Hussein who disappeared without any trace and Saddam Hussein could have easily disappeared. The hole where Saddam Hussein was located was described by some of his previous government officials that location was not very safe because it was not a secret.

Saddam Hussein has become immortal and he will always be remembered as the “Greatest Arab Leader” in history and that is what he wanted.


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  2. If anyone wants to add me on myspace they can.Though I hate Saddam Husein I hate Bush even more.I hate that HE single handily has destroyed this country after Clinton made it a better place.

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