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The Holocaust: “The most documented event in human history”! By David Duke

Posted by QB on September 27, 2007

This article written by David Duke is interesting very neutral. David Duke feared that Lee Bollinger statement related to holocaust “The most documented event in human history” will become the slogan for mainstream media to shutup any criticism of this event. David Duke has also mentioned that there is no recorded evidence of gas chamber killings and Red Cross believe that there were no mass murder of Jews happened during WWII. Please read the article which proves that holocaust is the most undocumented history which should and must be further investigated.

The Holocaust By David Duke


5 Responses to “The Holocaust: “The most documented event in human history”! By David Duke”

  1. unbiased reader said

    The Holocaust: “The most documented event in human history”! By David Duke

    I’m not sure what the quote means, but if Holocaust was “The most documented event in human history” how come the memorial plaque at Auschwitz put the number of Jewish victims at “4 million” in 1989 and then reduced it to 1.5 million in 2002. This significant reduction of 2.5 million in the number of deaths has never been reported by the mainstream media. [Google for references!]

    Furthermore, the actual Auschwitz records released by Russia reduce that figure to 30,000 Jews. [Google for references!]

    Given that the older figures or so widely inaccurate, lots more research in needed to find the truth.

    Of course, murdering a single human be it Palestinian, Iraqi, Christian, Moslem , Jew… is a horrendous act of barbarism and cruelty.

  2. QB said

    Unbaised Reader please read the whole article. David Duke has quoted this from Lee Bollinger.

  3. unbiased reader said

    I often wonder which one of the two poses a bigger mortal danger to humanity, the military forces controlled by Zionism (collectively the western block militaries plus the new EU entries), or the perfidious academics who would perpetuate any lie to appease their Zionist masters on their way up the ‘career’ ladder, where they might even secure the ultimate Zionist award, the Noble prize.

  4. QB said

    Unbaised Reader,

    Military achieved their goals with the ground work laid by these liar academics by brainwashing common people minds who unfortunately believe what they watch and hear on TV. There are people like Jimmy Carter and David Duke who become the target of mainstream media for speaking the truth.

  5. jewwishes said

    The truth is out there, if you only open your eyes and grasp the intensity of it, with clarity and not prejudicial foundations.

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