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Americans should be ashamed of their politicans.

Posted by QB on September 27, 2007

The US is no more Champion of Democracy but they are the Champion of stupidity. The Bush was enough embarrassment being the moron selected to be the President of US that the people elected stupid Congressman and Senators with no brains. The House of Representatives has passed a bill branding Iranian Revolutionary Guards as “terrorists”. This shows that these member of Congress are brainless idiots who are declaring Iranian Revolution Guards “terrorists”.

The House of Representatives approved a bill on Tuesday mandating sanctions on foreign energy companies doing business with Iran and urging the U.S. government to brand the Guards ‘terrorist’.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards are the part of Iranian government security agency just like US with National Guards. There are many security agencies which are the part of governments. The House of Representatives is showing the ignorance stupidity and trying to create new conflicts. I praised Nancy Pelosi yesterday but the main purpose of this bill is to gain more support for 2008 on the cost world peace.

Iranian government reacted very strongly that this move is illegal and will amount to confrontation by entire Islamic Republic.

What next?

All the security agencies other than US will be “terrorists”. This is something only can be done in US with the majority of population so ill-informed that Bush regime Senate House of Representatives can get way with such stupid bill with morons supporting the bill justifying it necessary for the security of US and Israel.

The Iranian Parliament responded by declaring US Military and CIA “Terrorists Organizations”.

Iran declare US Military and CIA “Terrorists Organizations”


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