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Pervez Musharraf skip UN General Assembly.

Posted by QB on September 26, 2007

Prevez Musharraf first time missed the UN General Assembly since he took over the control of Pakistan as President. Pervez Musharraf is in deep trouble for blindly obeying Bush “war on terror” in NWFP and become so unpopular which could cost him losing the power. Pervez Musharraf forced to cut deal with Benezir Bhutto by US is fall apart after Benazir walk away with appointing her own party candidate against Pervez Musharraf. She is trying to give all kind of assurances to US and Bush regime that she is the better choice for fighting “war on terror” but in reality if get elected she can’t keep up these promises because they are so unpopular that it will make her government loose popular support. Pervez Musharraf promised to give up his military Commander In Chief post but will not resign if he loses Presidential elections. The new elected President will replace him with new Commander In Chief of his liking. This does not mean that this will be end of military rule in Pakistan. Benazir two previous governments were ended due to corruption will soon be involved in corruption and the promises like to let IAEA question Abdul Qadir Khan and fighting Bush “war on terror” will make her government as unpopular as Pervez Musharraf. The Pakistan nation love Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan the father of country nuclear program and throwing him in front of IAEA will generate fire and fury against Benanzir This could result in another military rule in Pakistan with new General.


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