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Who is Evil? Ahmadinejad or Bush.

Posted by QB on September 26, 2007

The protesters at Columbia University holding up billboards where the most populars slogans were “Go to Hell” and “Evil” there were many billboards with Ahmadinejad portrayed as Hitler. Why were these people so angry against him? Two reasons Israel and Jews. There is absolutely no freedom of speech allowed to criticize the wrong policies of Israeli government and Jews in US and Europe.

Who really deserve to go to hell and is pure evil and close to Hitler? Ahmadinejad or Bush?

  • Ahmadinejad did not invade two sovereign nations and did not killed over million innocent people.
  • Bush did invaded Afghanistan and Iraq causing death and destruction on these countries killing over million innocent people.
  • Ahmadinejad is pursue his nuclear program which according to IAEA is not in violation of NPT is not acceptable.
  • Bush did use phosphorous bombs and cluster bombs in Falluja killing thousands of Iraqi civilians.
  • Iran is not allowed to have nuclear weapons.
  • US has all the WMD nuclear, chemical, biological which posses real danger to the world.
  • Israel is the only country in Middle East with nuclear weapons which is supported by US which is main cause of that region instability.
  • Ahmadinejad democratically elected President of Iran not acceptable to US because he criticize Israel and US policies of aggression and oppression.
  • Bush who was appointed by the Supreme Court is infact dictator denying US citizens their civil rights.
  • Ahmadinejad is accused of human rights violations.
  • Bush is in violation of Geneva Convention and human rights abuses with secret prisons, holding prisoners without any charges, torture, taping phones.

These are the few points which clearly show that Bush is EVIL, Bush is Hitler, Bush is dictator, Bush must go to HELL.


9 Responses to “Who is Evil? Ahmadinejad or Bush.”

  1. Chris said

    Who attacked the twin towers…..Bush?

  2. QB said

    Not Iraqis and certainly not Iranians. 9/11 2840 victims can’t be the license to kill over million innocent civilians. You certainly will not understand. The hundreds of millions Americans will agree with me and I stand by their side denouncing all the acts of terrorisms and killings.

  3. haq said

    just look in your mirror mr. bush will see “devil” noting else. Stop blaming those who are not in your control means “iran” why such a small country bothers you a lot ? i know they are showing you “mirror” what you are!

  4. An Iranian said

    In reply to my friend Chris I would like to say that Ahmadinejad did not create September 11 .neither any body from Iran or Iraq did it .Have you ever asked yourself that why on September 11 more than 3000 Jewish had gone to holiday and were not present in the Towers?!
    Have you ever asked yourself that why on September 11 the civil airplanes could easily escape and hide themselves from advanced radars and other complicated military means? have you ever and never had a close view to the childish story of September 11 ? Why we sometimes become so blind? Do you ever feel how difficult is to leave in pain and horror?this is our situation in our region .We do not want it but it is imposed by your selfish governments.
    If Iran government was near to your country and always threatening you, or had invaded your country as Iraq, then what?
    You are living over there and do not understand us, you hate us while we like you and feel pity for you too.
    By the way I would like to thank QB
    expressing my deep and sincere appreciation for their good job

  5. QB said

    Thank you Iranian. Actually we humans were created as one nation but we all forget this and developed conflicts based on color, region, religion, ethnicity, culture. We still can live in peace with just a little tolerance.

  6. Francesca said

    Who is evil? The balance goes all the way down to Bush. Ahmadinejab is one of the most courageus person in the world to stand up before the imperialism of America, and one of the most tolerant person in the world enduring the actions of the evil. I hope when Americans wake up don’t be too late to save their country of the actions of their own politicians. I am from a third world country in South America and we have survive at least with the dignity of knowing the truth.

  7. QB said

    Francesca Colombia is third world country because of your corrupt government who is so aggressively fighting US “war on drugs”. Colombians must elect someone like Hugo Chavez to improve the lives of common people. The good news is that Hugo Chavez accepted to mediate negotiations with FARC while the Colombian government did use false accusations against him. Peoples revolution like Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Ecuador is needed in Colombia.

  8. HANS said

    Those who created September 11, in fact have insulted American people intelligence.
    . Who is the real terrorist? Simply go through the related story announced by US government once more .you will then easily realize the truth.

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