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US stupid Middle East policies.

Posted by QB on September 23, 2007

The Bush regime is blaming Iran Syria Pakistan for all their failures on their “war on terror” in Iraq and Afghanistan. The latest tough talks are coming from Republican and Democratic Presidential candidates against Iran with Iran’s tough warning against any attack on their country will have consequences. The Iranian showed off their long range missile that they have the capability to strike the US military bases in Middle East and Afghanistan. The new French Foreign Minister wants the West to prepare war against Iran to me is that the new French government is trying to bridge the differences on Iraq invasion. I never served in military, never fired a gun shot but looking at the Middle East map had pointed out that US can’t take the risk of attacking Iran because their own military bases will be an easy target for Iran in the region. The only problem here is that these tough talks by Presidential candidates and French government are empty threats, practically the air strike on Iran by US Israel or any coalition will be bigger mistake than Afghanistan and Iraq invasion and it would be bigger failure than these two present wars. The US can defeat Iran only with nuclear carpet bombing killing all the Iranians and we know that this is again not possible.

The Bush regime blame Iran for all Iraq instability but their stupid invasion has provided this opportunity and now they are taking full advantage. Look at the stupidity of Bush regime that they invaded Iraq, murdered Saddam Hussein who Iranian consider their biggest enemy, helped Shiite to hold power who are and will always be closer to Iran than US with their religious bond.  The US and the European Union is not in any position to take the risk of attacking Iran. They can only try to scare Iran with tough sanctions and attack but the war against Iran is still not possible to happen.


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