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US Democracy and 2008 Elections.

Posted by QB on September 22, 2007

The American public ignorance with the rise of religious fundamentalism has failed the democracy. The election results can’t be trusted with touch screen voting system without any paper trail. The US election effect the whole world that is why it is very important to elect intelligent honest person running for the job of President but unfortunately this all changed with the 2000 elections with Supreme Court giving the Presidency to George W. Bush. The other blow was the 9/11 which make majority of Americans lost their sanity, believed in all the lies promoted by Bush regime that country is safe with Republicans who are fighting the “war on terror” in Afghanistan and Iraq to keep them safe. This happened in the past as well with Roland Reagan winning the election and looking briefly at what he did during his eight years term as President was very similar to George W. Bush and the Republicans still believe that he was the greatest President in US history. All the wanted to be the next Roland Reagan who has the worst record in domestic policies as well as foreign policies according to my research.

Reagan spent $2.2 trillion for the military over eight years. Military spending, combined with the legacy of the economic structural problems of the 1970s, transformed the U.S. from the world’s leading creditor in 1981 to the world’s leading debtor.[6] Tensions intensified in the early 1980s when Reagan installed U.S. cruise missiles in Europe and announced his experimental “Strategic Defense Initiative,” nicknamed “Star Wars,” to shoot down missiles in mid-flight. Reagan also imposed economic sanctions to protest the suppression of the opposition Solidarity movement in Poland.

U.S. domestic public concerns about intervening in foreign conflicts persisted from the end of the Vietnam War.[31] But Reagan did not encounter major public opposition to his foreign policies. The Reagan administration emphasized the use of quick, low cost counterinsurgency tactics to intervene in foreign conflicts.[32] In 1983, the Reagan administration intervened in the multisided Lebanese Civil War (see 1983 Beirut barracks bombing), invaded Grenada (see Invasion of Grenada), bombed Libya (see United States bombing of Libya), and backed the Central American Contras—right-wing paramilitaries seeking overthrow the Soviet-aligned Sandinista government in Nicaragua.[33] While Reagan’s interventions against Grenada and Libya were popular in the U.S., his backing of the Contra rebels was mired in controversy. In 1985, the president authorized the sale of arms to Iran; later, administration subordinates illegally diverted the proceeds to the Contras. (see Iran-Contra)

Source ; Wikipedia

The real problem is that majority of the Americans are simply pay no attention to the issues and policies of the candidates and majority of them live in shell with complete ignorance of world affairs. They vote for the candidate who has Presidential looks (no matter how stupid he could be in the office), who is close to the religion and love Jesus and the result will be the same for 2008 elections.

The Republicans Presidential candidates all wanted to continue Bush stupid “war on terror” which is the most power issue in next election for Republicans without analyzing the that this is the main cause of increasing violence all around the world. The Democratic Presidential candidates which includes Hilary Clinton, Barak Obama, John Edwards, Joe Biden, Chris Dodd are promising to be tough on “war on terror”. Hilary Clinton is promising to use nuclear bomb on Iran’s nuclear facilities and Barak Obama is promising to intervene in Pakistan NWFP to fight Bush “war on terror” and they all get great applause from the crowd without knowing that these actions can’t be taken practically only good for getting elected.

The democracy is working very well in South America where the people have voted for the real change. The elections in Bolivia where Evo Morales the first aboriginal President election, Ecuador where Correa an outsider get elected, people of Nicaragua elected Danial Ortega who faced the strong US opposition. This is the power of democracy which is used by the people of these countries very intelligently to bring real change by rejecting the established politicians and parties. Are the majority of Americans intelligent enough to bring the real change in 2008 elections? The answer to this question is “NO”, they will again vote for the candidate who is corrupted lair.

The candidate who can bring the real change in American policies is Dennis Kucinich who really has no chance getting the nomination or has any chance of getting elected. All the other candidates are career politicians who will pursue the stupid policies of aggressions and protecting big corporate business making the world more unstable place to live.


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