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Vicente Fox, Fidel Castro, Iraq.

Posted by QB on September 21, 2007

The former Mexican President Vicente Fox book which will be coming out in next few days has some very strong harsh comments about his amigo Bush. Vicente Fox according CNN reporter called Bush “windshield cowboy”, “Cockiest person he ever meet” and also he is surprised how “Bush has make it to White House”. The people who read my blog know that I am very critical of Bush policies but what Vicente Fox has written is wrong. He and Bush meet plenty of time have friendly talks have dinner at the same table and they agree on all the policies. Vicente Fox should have told Bush on his face what he thinks about him but I believe diplomacy which infact is hypocrisy stopped him for telling his real feeling. Bush here has my sympathy for showing strong character refusing to comment on these remarks by his friend Vicente Fox.

Fidel Castro tapped interview will be broadcast on Cuba TV in response to rumors of his death.

US General said that only 16% of Baghdad is secure and they don’t have any control of Sadr City. This shows the real picture and  proved that MoveOn  all analysis is correct.


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