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CNN responsible for losing interests in news.

Posted by QB on September 19, 2007

I lost all interest in watching news with CNN stupid coverage of breaking news stories with repeating it over and over again without any real news. There were plenty of breaking news which idiot Wolf Blitzer wasted most of his time instead of real important news stories. The recent breaking news which was reported was O J Simpson arrest and Larry King interviewed his former wife sister. This is really sick that O J Simpson was never convicted of murder charges and still majority (80%) of White American believe that he murdered his wife. The Michael Jackson is other African American victim of CNN and other news network negative propaganda.  This  to me is racial hatred against African American.

The good news is that Paula Zahn is off the air and Kitty Pilgrim is filling in for Lou Dobbs still hoping that CNN will fire him for promoting hatred. Lou Dobbs hates everything which is not American. He is kind of very illogical person who believe US has the right to keep developing WMD and no other countries are allowed to build their military for defense purposes. Lou Dobbs hates China, South America, Mecians and ofcourse all the Muslims. Fire this hatred filled Lou Dobbs immediately.

There is no chance of Wolf Blitzer getting fired because he is Jew and he will immediately play the antisemitic card and CNN management is so scared not to offend Jews and Israel no matter to what extent he goes in reporting biased news.


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