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Iraq No Solution in sight.

Posted by QB on September 14, 2007

The most important issue in US politics is Iraq which according to Bush speeches is real success with his troops surge policy. Bush pointed out that there is sharp decrease in violence in Baghdad and Al Anbar province has turned into an ideal place. This is true to some extent that there is significant drop in violence in Baghdad and Al Anbar province. The real reason for decrease violence is due to US alliance to Sunni Resistance in Al Anbar province who are getting financial help and cooperation from US troops which is making them more strong to stand up Shiite Mehdi Army and Badr Brigade. This does not mean that Sunni Iraqi Resistance approved US occupation it simply means that for the time being it is in their interest to cooperate to strengthen themselves against Shiites and turned these weapon against the occupation forces in Iraq. Baghdad sectarian violence is down for the simple reason that majority of Sunnis left the city living in exile in Syria and Jordan. According to Michael Ware Sunnis offer this deal four years back to US which was rejected and now they are so desperate that they accepted Sunni Iraqi Resistance deal.

The Al Anbar province according to my analysis has become relatively less violent which does not mean that there is no attacks on US troops. The Sunni Iraqi Resistance is still attack US conveys and soldiers whenever they get a chance. There was news that 7 US soldiers were killed in Al Anbar province last week. These attacks are blamed on Al Qaeda which is not correct because there is no big presence of Al Qaeda militant in Iraq.

There is plenty of resentment within the puppet Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki government and the Shiites about US and Sunni Iraqi Resistance cooperation which they see as threat for their absolute control of Iraq.

The situation is not very clear what will be the future of Iraq in coming years. Bush has hinted that US troops will stay in Iraq indefinitely.


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