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Roger Federer with fourth straight US Open Championship.

Posted by QB on September 9, 2007

Roger Federer win his fourth consecutive US Open Championship and I am sure that he has written new history to become the first player to win Wimbledon and US Open titles back to back four years. This all come on a day when Roger Federer was not playing his best tennis, his serve for first two sets were ordinary, his return game was way off for the entire match, he committed more backhand and forehands errors which on good day could have been clean winners and still the result is amazing winning in straight sets against very talented Novak Djokovic, as my prediction in my prematch analysis. This is Roger Federer 12 Grand Slam Title only two behind Pete Sampras which is very achievable starting from Australian Open in January. Roger Federer play excellent tennis on grass and this give us the hope that he there will also write new history winning Wimbledon for sixth straight year. If he achieve these goals by the middle season of next year than he sure will go to keep winning US Open.

Novak Djokovic is young talented player who had the opportunity to win the first set easily but he could not convert his six sets points which was clear sign of his nervousness and also it was due to Roger Federer excellent defense game. Roger Federer did not have any problem wining the first set in tiebreak once he had leveled the set. The second set was also was not so good for Roger Federer with is very ordinary poor quality of tennis and Novak Djokovic get the early break in the second set as well. Roger Federer did break Novak Djokovic to level the second set and once again second set was decided on tiebreak which Roger Federer win comfortably. There were no breaks in the third sets until game 10 when Roger Federer break Novak Djokovic serve to win US Open Title.

This is the quality of true champion which Roger Federer showed today by winning on a very bad day when he was no way near his level of game. All the credit goes to Roger Federer the best tennis player in the history of this game. Roger Federer also written one more record by winning 2.4 million dollars, 1.4 million is for the championship and 1 million was for winning the US Series. The season is almost over with very few tier 2 tournaments in Asia with only one tier 1 tournament in Shanghai Master Cup where top 8 ranking players will compete.

This is all for the tennis now unless something very interesting happened in Master Cup.


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