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Justine Henin wins her second US Open Championship. Federer vs Djokovic Finals today.

Posted by QB on September 9, 2007

Justine Henin comfortably defeated Svetlana Kuznetsova in finals to win her second US Open Championship. She dominated the match from the first game of the match by breaking Kuznetsova servve and she did break two more times to win the first set 6-1. Justine Henin win second set 6-3 become the champion with very little resistance from Kuznetsova. Justine Henin is 5′ 5″ very thin body is an amazing player generate powerful shots like her 6′ opponents with the most beautiful backhand on women tour, her forehand has improved a lot in last couple of years but she has also gone down on her serve start making double faults. Justine Henin did not lose any set during the whole tournament.

David Ferrer did not able to win against Djokovic so the final will be Roger Federer vs Novak Djokovic today.  The experts John McEnroe Pattrick McEnroe Jim Courier who are constantly talking about Djokovic win against Federer in Montreal final making him the favorite to win US Open Championship but their analysis is not correct because they are ignoring the facts. Montreal final was three set match and their Federer only play one bad game which cost him the match. US Open final is five set match which gives Federer clear edge over Djokovic. Roger Federer has the game and the nerves to come back into match after losing two sets to one with raising the level of his game and making his opponent to make errors. There is one more factor which none of these experts looked at or talked about that Djokovic has become stiff and is very tense since quarter final match. He will be extremely nervous stepping into court today again very cool calm confident Federer.

Roger Federer will win this final in three straight sets. Fourth US Open Championship Tile and this will be another record as nobody ever had win back to back US Open and Wimbledon for four straight years.


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