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CNN – Breaking News Bullshit.

Posted by QB on September 6, 2007

This was no surprise that Wolf Blitzer waisted about 20 minutes on breaking news story that Osama Bin Laden is releasing new video tape message on the anniversary of 9/11. CNN and Wolf Blitzer are so stupid so pay so much attention to Osama Bin Laden giving him so much attention which is really not necessary. The mainstream media is responsible for making Osama Bin Laden a household name giving him credibility as the most powerful person on earth. F*king morons are getting used by Osama Bin Laden like puppets.


Who the f*k cares about what Osama Bin Laden has to say?

The good thing is that we have very exciting quarter finals tennis match at 7:00 PM ET so I don’t have to watch CNN bullshit breaking news story again and again with idiots analyzing the message and the consequences of his message.

US Open saved me prime time with Carlos Moya and Novak Djokovic match. Calros Moya defeated Novak Djokovic in Cincinnati Master Series and I hope he can do it again to give advantage to Roger Federer.



One Response to “CNN – Breaking News Bullshit.”

  1. Davron said

    Fuck fox news. Fuck cnn.

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