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Justine Henin defeated Serena Williams.

Posted by QB on September 5, 2007

Justine Henin defeated Serena Williams in straight sets 7-5 6-1, she dominated the match from the very first game with breaking Serena Williams serve. Justine Henin did lost the serve in tenth game and the first set was decided in tiebreak. Justine Henin did play superb tennis with beautiful forehand and backhand shorts. Serena Williams is the one player who try to blame the whole world after loosing the match and this time is no exception when she said that Justine Henin win the match because of some lucky shorts. There was nothing like lucky shorts during the whole match Justine Henin win all her points with smart play where she hit clean winners as well as forced Serena Williams to make errors. Justine Henin win the match because she played better than Serena Williams.

The last night Rafael Nadal and David Ferrer match was too late at night which was not possible for me to watch. David Ferrer defeated Rafael Nadal in four sets. Nadal maybe is not feeling 100% fit physically but all the credit goes to his fellow Spainiad to reach quarter finals of US Open.

Tonight starting at 7:00 PM ET Jelena Jankovic will face Venus Williams followed by Roger Federer Andy Roddick match. Waiting for this evening to watch both matches.


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