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Tom Tencredo – Another Terrorist Running for President.

Posted by QB on August 5, 2007

Tom Tencredo is one more terrorist running for 2008 President besides Barak Obama, Hilary Clinton, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani. Tom Tencredo SOB why you believe that you are better than Osama Bin Laden. Bombing Mecca will not resolve the problem you retard, the Islamic Militant will respond by attacking Vatican and your holy shrines in Jerusalam. These SOBs love to create controversy to get media attention for their political purposes without knowing that these type of irresponsible statements make life very difficult for Arab Christians living in Middle East and other Muslim countries.

Sure go ahead nuke Mecca and I am sure custodian of this site Saudi Royal family is US puppet and slaves and they don’t have the courage to save it. There is no chance that we can see peace on earth with all the head of states of the world are idiots.


2 Responses to “Tom Tencredo – Another Terrorist Running for President.”

  1. Dr.Syed Mehboob said

    We are not sure that wether this war is against terrorism or against Islam? How they dare to name our two holiest cities. They dont know that 1.50 billion Muslim will die to protect their holy cities. Peace loving people whether they christain Hindus Budhist they must protest against this irresponsible statement. No Muslim can ever think to destroy America or its people. It is rubbish. The war against terrorism is totally failed because it just targeted only Muslims while they failed to resolve long standing problems of muslims in Palistine.

  2. QB said

    No disagreements Dr. Syed Mehboob.

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