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US Troops Deaths Lowest in 8 Months.

Posted by QB on July 31, 2007

The US troops deaths are lowest in July compared to previous months deaths for the year. Bush regime will claim this as surge victory putting pressure on Democrats who wants US troops to withdraw within one year from Iraq. This decrease in attacks on US troops and on civilians happened many times in past since the start of Iraq invasion and occupation which always looks like that Iraqi resistance disappeared and given up their resistance. After watching past decreased attacks trends I have noticed that the Iraqi Resistance take some time off for planning and organizing new attacks coming back with more powerful fierce attacks on US troops and civilians. The Iraqi Resistance know that they have the time on their side and they might be working to adopt new tactics and strategy to make it more difficult for US troops in the coming months with more sophisticated attacks. Low deaths does not mean 1 or two soldiers died in July the low number is 73 US soldiers death. Add 4 more US soldiers who died on the last day of the month which brings the total US death to 77 in July.

This is my analysis which might not be accurate. US soldiers will suffer and pay the price for their corrupt leadership.


One Response to “US Troops Deaths Lowest in 8 Months.”

  1. ezigo said

    You’re most probably right but I guess it’s a lot more complicated that you said. The conflict in the mid-east has a lot of dimensions and the strategic presence is a lot more important to Bush than those friends, brothers and sisters.

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