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Iraqis suffering and Pigs enjoying dinner and lunch.

Posted by QB on July 30, 2007

It is really sad to watch the children, women suffering from Bush illegal criminal invasion. Watched report from Baghdad showing women who owned the house before invasion is living in very two small rooms with her very cute innocent children and all they have for food is fried bread and onions. The report also said that 1/3 of Iraqi children are suffering from malnutrition with no clean drinking water and sanitation. Pigs Bush and Brown had dinner of roast tenderloin, mashed potatoes and green beans and cheese burgers for lunch.

I really don’t know how these Pigs can eat and sleep at night with causing so much sufferings in Iraq and Afghanistan.

BUSH said this during their joint press conference: People who kill innocent men, women and children to achieve political objectives are evil.

Does he really don’t know that he has killed about 1 millions innocent Iraqis and tens of thousands innocent civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan? F*ing retard believe that US killings are good and few thousands Osama Bin Laden killings are evil terrorism.


2 Responses to “Iraqis suffering and Pigs enjoying dinner and lunch.”

  1. Ric said

    The Bushbaby is a sociopath. No conscience. No remorse. No empathy. No sympathy. No clue. And he doesn’t give a damn.

    Hundreds of thousands, if not millions more people in the Middle East and South Asia will die because of this pathetic, drug addled, disgusting little man. And the Republican party is complicit in every death.

    I wonder when the world will come to its senses and put an end to his sickness.

  2. QB said

    Thank you Ric. The voters have the power to end this sickness but unfortunately American voters are not intelligent like Ecuadorian, Nicaraguan, Bolivian. These countries voters have earned respect and show the real power of common people which is good for democracy. Forget to mention Venezuelan. Have great admiration for the people of these countries.

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