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Afghanistan & Iraq.

Posted by QB on July 29, 2007

Iraq situation is as very bad for US occupation after four years with no hope of any improvements in near future. Bush regime blame their failures on Syria, Iran and now Saudi Arabia for their failed policy of invasion and Pakistan for Afghanistan failure. It is really hard to believe that the whole Bush regime consists of idiots who did not know the consequences of Iraq and Afghanistan invasion. The majority of people know that Bush is an idiot brain damage due to drug and alcohol abuse in his earlier life but it is really hard to believe that his whole cabinet did not analyze the consequences of removing Saddam Hussein and Afghanistan invasion. What is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan is exactly according to my analysis before war. The majority of my American friends were happy full of pride with easy victory when Taliban disappeared leaving Kabul open for Northern Alliance and US troops. When I told them that this is not victory and end of war but it is just beginning of war they all looked at me like someone complete crazy. The Americans friends were quick to celebrate the Iraq victory as well when they captured Baghdad without any resistance and again when I told them that this is just the beginning of long war they thought I have completely lost my mind.

Bush job approval rating that time was in high seventies and the war support was equally high over seventy percent. It took some months for Iraqi resistance to organize and start their fighting against US occupation which were called by Bush, Dick and Rumsfeld as dead enders, terrorists, Saddam Hussein Bathists, people who hate freedom and democracy and majority of Americans believed and supported government.

Afghanistan went into background with main stream media focus on Iraq. The other reason for Afghanistan going into background was that Taliban did not immediately get organized which according to me was because they were not in hurry and don’t wanted to start their resistance without complete planning and organization. It look like they have done their home work and gaining strength in Afghanistan with support from North Western Frontier Province. Bush blame this on Pakistan and Pervez Musharraf, putting pressure on his government “to do more” in his “war on terror” which is necessary for the security of US. Bush retard do not realize that Pervez Musharraf can’t do anything more what he has already done without risking the security of his own country. Pervez Musharraf come in power with very popular public support and he has lost all his support fighting Bush “war on terror” bombing and killing civilians in North WesternFrontier Province. Pervez Musharraf meeting with yesterday with Benazir Bhutto in Dubai look like Bush regime new strategy to bring her back as Prime Minister and announce new elections date to calm down public anger and opposition against government. Benazir Bhutto very corrupt politician love power and will do anything to keep her in power even if she had to kill hundreds of thousands people. The only problem is that she can’t aggressively pursue Bush policies with majority of public opposition, growing anti Military sentiments in Pakistan. Pakistan Military will not agree to take any Military action for the fear of losing its respect and credibility. Bush regime will have hard time understanding this and they might make one more stupid mistake of crossing Pakistan border which will open new front for US troops.

Iraq failures are blamed on Iran, Syria and now Saudi Arabia. Bush stupid invasion and overthrowing Saddam Hussein government has changed power in favor of Iran which Sunni Arab government see as growing threat for for their governments. Iran has Syrian Shiite government support and in Lebanon have the backing of Hezbollah. Iraq puppet Nuri Al Maliki government has close relations with Iranian which will further strengthen after US troops withdrawal. Saudi Royal family fear that Iran Iraq might start revolution movement in their country, so they actually are trying to protect their own interests with financing Iraqi Sunni Resistance to fight against Nuri Al Maliki Shiite government.

Codoleezza Rice will try to gain support of Sunni Arab state, according to news. Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt will agree with her on everything and even issue joint statements to support Bush policies in Middle East, that will be only diplomacy (the correct word for diplomacy is “hypocrisy”). Saudi Arabia will keep funding Sunni Iraqi Resistance to weaken Nuri Al Maliki puppet Shiite government. The other facts which Bush regime hide behind its slogans that this Shiite government is more cruel and brutal than Saddam Hussein, killing Sunnis for their power. Iraqi puppet government is waiting for US troops withdrawal so they can slaughter all the Sunnis. The brain dead US Senators who are proposing division of Iraq into three autonomous regions will not be acceptable for Turkey, Iran and Syria because it will escalate Kurds uprising in their countries.

The end game is near which will not be pretty for US and its superpower image.


2 Responses to “Afghanistan & Iraq.”

  1. ClapSo said

    Well said, the mess the US government has caused will be with us for some time to come…

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  2. QB said

    Thank you Clapso. Your comments give me courage to say what is right.

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