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Interesting Situation Developing between Pakistan and US.

Posted by QB on July 26, 2007

There are plenty of posts related to Pervez Musharraf and Pakistan since Lal Masjid operation because the situation is becoming more interesting with US threatening to air strike Al Qaida with military operations inside North Frontier Region. The other reason is the news from Iraq and Afghanistan are what we are watching and reading from last five years. Bomb explosions, sectarian violence, blowing up the US military Humvee. Bush criminal invasion has deprived Iraqis all sort of happiness joy peace stability that they even can’t celebrate the victory of their soccer team wihout getting blown up by bombs and this latest bombing was very sad to watch. Afghanistan remains unstable violence place after five years of US occupation. The situation which is developing with Pakistan is very interesting and dangerous for US troops in Afghanistan which will prove to be disaster again, the stupidity of Bush policy backed up by war mongers politicians like McCain Giuliani Romney ofcourse with the support of Republican Senators and House Representatives including blood thirsty maniac Joe Lieberman.

According to the latest news Pervez Musharraf and Prime Minister issued statement that no foreign troops have the right to cross Pakistan border. Pakistan security forces are fully capable of taking action against Islamic Militants in North Frontier Region which they have done in the past and doing so after recent outburst of violence in the region. Pervez Musharraf has also pointed out that Pakistan has lost more soldiers than US fighting “war on terror”. He is speaking the truth when compared with US deaths in Afghanistan with Pakistan soldiers deaths in North Frontier Province.This statement is very lame which will not help Pervez Musharraf image as strong leader of Pakistan but strengthen the image of being US puppet.

Pervez Musharraf, if wanted to remain in power, must send strong message that “Pakistan Military will defend its sovereignty against any foreign troops crossing its borders”.

The news also pointed out that Islamic Militants wanted US troops to cross Pakistan border and waiting for them so they can extend their fight beyond Afghanistan against occupation. The news also mentioned that Islamic Militants are hoping to join forces with Pakistan Security Forces to fight against US. These Islamic Militants are ready to take on US troops and Pakistan Security Forces if they decided to fight with them with confidence that they can defeat the US and Pakistan Security Forces. There is no chance that Pakistan Security Forces and Military will have any alliance with US troops, instead there will be immediate alliance between Pakistan Security Forces with Islamic Militants. US air strikes without border crossing will generate more anger against Pervez Musharraf government resulting in more suicide attacks on Pakistan Security Forces.

This all situation is pointing out that Bush regime has written off Pervez Musharraf and start looking at some other alternatives leader to fight their “war on terror”. The news also reported that Pervez Musharraf is desperately trying to make contact with Bush which is declined by the White House, is another evidence of relations are getting cold.. There aren’t many available option available if Perez Musharraf lose power. The only choice US has is Benazir Bhutto, the daughter of Zulifiqar Ali Bhutto, the guy who played major part breaking East Pakistan to become the Prime Minister of West Pakistan. The problem is that Benazir can’t pursue Bush “war on terror” which is the main reason for Pervez Musharraf unpopularity and could become his downfall. The other option is replacing Pervez Musharraf with some other General will not work because Pakistan Military will lose all its support and respect creating divisions within Military.

Pervez Musharraf committed so stupid mistakes which could have been avoided so easily, extending his unconditional support to Bush without looking at what US do to its friends and allies when they are no good for their agendas, they get murdered recent example is Saddam Hussein. Pervez Musharraf might get murdered by CIA blaming it on Taliban and Al Qaida. The losers will be people of Pakistan with some corrupt politician taking control of government. The economic progress which the country made during Pervez Musharraf rule will be stopped, poverty level will rise, the good news will be corrupt politicians opening new foreign bank accounts, buying properties in Europe and US, happy to be back in business after seven years.

Latest update is Pervez Musharraf meet with Benazir Bhutto in Dubai on his way to Saudi Arabia. US is trying to forge somekind of BS deal by transferring power to Benazir with phony elections to cool down anti Pervez Musharraf anger.

The other news are that bomb exploded in Islamabad hotel killing and wounding police mainly with some civilians. Students have again taken over Lal Masjid and demanding the return of Abdul Aziz.


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