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Hilary Clinton is Bush Cheney Lite!!!

Posted by QB on July 26, 2007

Barak Obama called Hilary Clinton Bush Cheney Lite. Excellent intelligent accurate words of choice by Barak Obama.

This heated exchange of name calling started after the last Democrats Presidential debate when question was asked whether they will meet Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Iranian leader, Syrian leader and Kim Jong Ill during their first year in White House.

Barak Obama answer was more appropriate that he will meet with all of them for diplomacy.

Hilary Clinton answer was that she will not meet with these leaders directly because she believe will be used for propaganda purposes by these leaders. Hilary Clinton promised to start negotiations on very lower levels before meeting directly with the leaders of these countries.

She called Barak Obama “naive” on foreign relations. Barak Obama called Hilary Bush Cheney Lite.

I very much liked Barak Obama reply so did the majority of independent Democrats watching the debate. The political pundits are praising Hilary Clinton for her reply which to me was stupid.

I don’t understand how she will be used for propaganda purposes. Can somebody explain it me?

Nancy Pelosi meet with Bashar Al Assad of Syria. She went there show respect for their customs and traditions and she gets the very warm friendly welcome. Syrian government did not get any concessions not they used her visit for any kind of propaganda.

Barak Obaba is right that Hilary Clinton will follow the Bush foreign policy of no diplomacy. She is – Bush Cheney LITE.

I prefer Bud LITE over Bush Cheney LITE.


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