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US Military Success Assessment in Iraq.

Posted by QB on July 22, 2007

The US military commanders and Bush regime claiming making great progress claiming Al Anbar province is the example of their great success. Watching news on CNN my impression of success was that Al Anbar province has become violence free until last night. CNN showed the interview of Al Anbar province reporting that last year in July attacks on US military were 498 (don’t remember correctly) and this July number of total attacks are 98. The 98 attacks translate into over 3 attacks per day and US commander and Bush regime call it a great success US military. This is really very weird way of defining success.

The majority of Iraqi Resistance moved to other areas before US military operation in Al Anbar province and the violence is on the same level before Bush surge. Also US commander insists staying in Iraq will make them win this war. How these US commanders and Bush regime define victory? Maybe they have some strange formula for that too. Iraq war is already lost with Shiite sectarian holding on to power with agenda to implement their version Islamic state like Iran. Iraq’s power will be in the hands of Ayatollahs.


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