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The Right Approach Fighting War on Terror.

Posted by QB on July 20, 2007

The Madrases in Pakistan are under criticism after Lal Masjid siege and Pevez Musharraf mishandled Operation Silence but nobody has really offered any solution. The growing unrest in Pakistan is the result of Pervez Musharraf wrong domestic and foreign policies. The radical Islamic Militant approach is on the rise not only in Pakistan but in all Muslim countries since Bush started his “war on terror”. The Muslim countries Head of States complying this stupidity without realizing that this policy has helped Al Qaida and Taliban gain more popularity and support within the masses.

The madrases attending children are the poorest poor in Pakistan society who really don’t have any other option to get eduction. The madrases are the only option these poor kids have to learn to read and write. The problem with the religious eduction what I have observed which crush the creative thinking of students making them more like robots and parrots reciting Qur’an without understanding the message. The other big problem is the introduction of Talmudic concept 150 years after the death of Prophet Muhammad by hadith writers that Qur’an contains the summary and all the details are written in their books (R1) and Qur’an message can be only understood with the help of hadiths. The hadith writers has also promoted the Christianity concept that “Church is the only authority to interpret Bible” with including hadiths that “only religious scholars can do the interpretation of Qur’an” which is ridiculous and is clear contradiction of Qur’an message (R2). These are the main problems with religious eduction not only at madrases level but at the highest doctorate level. All the Sunni Shia religious scholars are the product this eduction system non creative robots and parrots.

Pervez Musharraf and Bush if really want to eliminate the Islamic Militant mentality from madrases than they have to take simple common sense steps. Pakistan Education Board is the sole authority for setting up Syllabus for all eduction levels but the Education Board has completely ignored the madrases since the creation of Pakistan. It is time to setup Syllabus for madrases which according to me should be as follows:

Primary & Secondary Eduction Syllabus
Arabic Language Eduction
Social Studies
General Mathematics
General Science
General History

The madrases Syllabus does not include the hadith books at all and government must make sure that all the madrases must follow the Syllabus strictly. It will be easy for children to start learning Arabic from early age and when they reach the age of 10 or 12 than they will have the basic knowledge of the language to read and understand the message of Qur’an. The other subjects will broaden the minds of these kids which will be very helpful for the rest of their lives.

Higher Eduction Syllabus
Old Testament (Torah)
New Testament (Gospel)
Comparative Study of All three religions
Political Systems (Not Political Science)
Course to develop analysis skills and logic

The religious eduction of Christianity and Judaism will help in bridging the hatred majority of Christians, Jews and Muslims have against each other basically is due to ignorance. This is my rough sketch of solving the growing radicalism in Pakistan. The results will start showing positive improvement only in 10 years. Planned this to be more detailed when started but I am really not good interesting writer like Doug, Ric and Clapso and my other friend Curtis who is not very active these days.

Addition Christians and Jews also have to change their radical attitude which I believe is the results of Christianity and Judaism madrases. Late Rev. Jerry Falwell University I believe is the source of creating hatred against Islam and Muslims. Christians and Jews radical belief that land of Israel cannot be divided has to be change for the better peaceful world.

References : (R1) Qur’an Detailed Book. 6:38, 6:114, 7:52, 10:37, 11:1, 17:12, 18:54, 41:3. (R2) Easy to understand. 2:99, 36:69, 54:17, 54:22, 54:32, 54:40.


3 Responses to “The Right Approach Fighting War on Terror.”

  1. ellithy said

    this is my blog
    it talks about Al-Qaida and how I think it as an american orgnisation


  2. QB said

    I will visit and read it. Thanks.

  3. 2008voter said

    “Jerry Falwell University I believe is the source of creating hatred against Islam and Muslims. ”
    what hatred you are talking about?
    USA protected Afghanistan during the soviet invasion. the USA protected Bosnian Muslims against Serbs, the USA, protected Albanians and making Kosovo the second Albanian state in Europe. Am I wrong?
    Muslims are enjoying way more freedom in “Jewish- Christian ” USA than Jews or Christians in any Muslim country .
    I do not hate Muslims. Not at all. But i suspect that Muslims are hating me, and not because of Jerry Falwell University but because of London and Madrid,
    Do not you think that 9/11,as well ,did contribute a little in the suspicion against Muslims ?

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