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Pakistan rejected US NIE Al Qaida Re-grouping in North Western Province.

Posted by QB on July 18, 2007

This is the new developments on Bush “war on terror” with Pakistan government strongly rejected the US NIE that Al Qaida has find a safe haven in North Western Frontier Province. Pakistan government wants the proof of these claims so they can take action. Pakistan government also sending strong message that no foreign forces will be allowed on its soil to fight militants. Pakistan wants the specific intelligence concrete actionable information so that they can take action.

Partial report source : Forbes

But foreign office spokeswoman Tasnim Aslam said the report contained ‘some unsubstantiated assertions’ and asked for evidence to back up Washington’s claims.

‘We would firmly act to eliminate any Al-Qaeda hideout on the basis of specific intelligence or information,’ Aslam said in a statement.

‘It does not help simply to make assertions about the presence or regeneration of Al-Qaeda in bordering areas of Pakistan. What is needed is concrete and actionable information and intelligence sharing,’ she added.

Aslam said Pakistan had done more than any other country to combat extremism and ‘is determined not to allow Al-Qaeda or any other terrorist entity to establish a safe haven on its territory.’

She rejected criticism over a peace deal the government signed with tribal militants in Waziristan region last year which pro-Taliban militants unilaterally renounced on Sunday, triggering a spate of attacks.

She also ruled out the involvement of foreign troops — for example NATO- and US-led soldiers fighting Taliban insurgents in neighbouring Afghanistan — in the fight against terrorism.

‘Our position is very clear that any counter-terrorism action inside our territory will be taken by our own security forces. This is the basis of our cooperation,’ Aslam said.

Senior US intelligence officials said Al-Qaeda’s ‘operational space’ in the tribal areas has grown since President Pervez Musharraf struck a non-aggression pact with tribal leaders in September.

US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian affairs, Richard Boucher, said yesterday that ‘some military action is necessary, and will probably have to be taken.’

US Assistant Secretary of State statement is ambiguous whether he is suggesting US to take some military action or wants Pakistan to take military action. The way I understand Richard Boucher statement he is suggesting US military action. The US military if take any action in NWFP region than Pervez Musharraf will respond immediate military action and US troops and if did hesitate or delay immediate action than he will immediately will be removed from power sent to jail for not protecting the sovereignty of the country and might face treason charges. The US DIA know that Pakistan military capabilities and strengths. The Tribal Militants who are fighting Pakistan security forces will immediately extend their co-operation to fight the foreign forces. The US military have to fight Tribal Militants and Pakistan Military also there will be tens of thousands of volunteer joining the jihad.

Bush regime and the stupid analysts must understand Pervez Musharraf limitations. He is already in deep trouble for fighting Bush “war on terror”. Wolf Blitzer wants US military to take action in Pakistan territory is complete brain dead idiot proposing this from long time without knowing the consequences.


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