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Al Qaida Safe Haven in Pakistan. New Propaganda Used To Brainwash Americans by Media and Bush.

Posted by QB on July 17, 2007

This is the new media and Bush regime favorite sound bite from quite sometime on CNN which is kind of very scary to me as this looks like building up the case for US military to go into North West Frontier Province to deal with growing threat of Al Qaida. Bush regime was helped by the media spreading lies brain washing American to justify invasion of Iraq with their 24/7 coverage of propaganda against Saddam Hussein and WMD. This is happening again with Wolf Blitzer is so much wants the US troops to go in after Al Qaida save haven in Pakistan. Bush regime if decided to cross Pakistan border that will be another blunder by mentally unstable President which will strengthen Al Qaida and there will be tens of thousands Pakistani jihadist who will volunteer, there is no shortage of people in Pakistan with 160 million population. The Pervez Musharraf government will be toppled down by some strong General taking over the charge and US will have to fight directly with Pakistan Military.

Bush really don’t know the history culture and way of Tribal life in Pakistan and Afghanistan. NWFP never was under the control of any Federal government since the creation of Pakistan. They live by their own tribal rules with their assembly called Jirga. Bush pushed Pervez Musharraf too hard to do more for his “war on terror” and the dumb bastard responded by bombing civilian compounds with sending the security forces into NWFP with analyzing the consequences. The NWFP tribes see Pakistan security forces as incursion for their independent way of life. They are fiercely resisting Pakistan security forces on daily basis.

Pervez Musharraf government strongly deny US claim Al Qaida presence in Pakistan. The the top Pervez Musharraf Ministers and Ambassador called this the most ridiculous. Pakistan government believe Al Qaida is in Afghanistan with its top leaders Osama Bin Laden, Ayman Al Zahawari and Mulla Omar.

Bush may not cross Pakistan border or he may be hesitating to do so and that is because he has very admirable quality i.e. Loyalty for Friends. The chances are Democrats might use this propaganda and the sound bite “Al Qaida Safe Haven in Pakistan” for NWFP invasion. Disaster that what it will be for US troops, whether done by Bush or new elected Democrat President.

Stupidity rules. US Threatening military operation in Pakistan.

Bush security adviser: ‘No options off the table’ when it comes to military force in Pakistan.


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