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Afghanistan – Freedom on March.

Posted by QB on July 17, 2007

The interesting news that Afghanistan is thriving in harvesting and production of heroin with record setting figures. Taliban Islamic Sharia was very questionable controversial but they really succeeded to control the poppy harvesting and production of heroin with their strict laws. There are also other areas of freedoms in Afghanistan with opening of Chinese brother, flooded movies, and cosmetics but the most important elements are missing “stability” “peace” “security”.

We must all thank Bush stupidity for this growing problem of drugs spreading all around the world.

U.S.: Afghanistan to break opium record


One Response to “Afghanistan – Freedom on March.”

  1. ClapSo said

    Yes, the major failure of the way the US government acts both here and abroad is that “freedom” as preached by the US government, is simply the freedom to buy and sell products.

    The ruling elite here in the US don’t care about anything but making money. That is what the force on all the rest of us…

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

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