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Pervez Musharraf government facing new challenges after clearning Lal Masjid.

Posted by QB on July 15, 2007

Pervez Musharraf government facing tough challenges after security forces cleared off Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa in Frontier province with daily suicide attacks. The latest suicide attack near North Waziristan has killed 24 security personnels and 29 so far reported injured. The security forces convey was hit by suicide car bomber when they were traveling toward the main town of Waziristan Miran Shah. The numbers of dead security personnels and could rise because they are still clearing the bombed site.

The government is also thinking to take military action in Swat. These attacks are all in reaction of Lal Masjid where majority of the students killed were from Frontier province. Islamic militias are now trying live up to their promises of suicide attacks. Abdul Rasheed Ghazi death and students killed in the Silence operation had become the martyrs for these militants providing inspiration to carry out these suicide attacks.

Pervez Musharraf is also facing legal battle in Supreme Court where decision is expected to come as early as next Friday. There is a very brief news that Qazi Hussein Ahmed has resigned from his National Assembly seat and promised not to return to Assembly without giving any reason. Qazi Hussein Ahmed is the head of Jamat e Islami which is the member of religious parties alliance MMA (Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal). This resignation might encourage other religious parties to quit the National Assembly seats which will create new political crisis for Pervez Musharraf government.


Waziristan is North of Swat in Nothern Areas.

Operation Silence has escalated the hatred towards US, UK and Australia.

The latest suicide bomb attacked killed 11 soldiers and 3 civilians in Swat on Sunday. There were other attacks which killed 38 people. Pervez Musharraf is in real trouble. He did not take any action for over six months to clear Lal Masjid when his government decided to take action it benefited Abdul Rasheed Ghazi and radical religious parties. Pervez Musharraf had all the resources but no intelligence with  handling this operation so poorly. I would have done it in very different manner avoiding to kill anybody including Abdul Rasheed Ghazi with similar gas which Russians used to end theater hostage situation. Pervez Musharraf , as a matter of fact all head of states are surrounded by very bright intelligent educated people and it really surprises me that they don’t understand a very simple fact that anybody who die fighting for their cause no matter how absurd that cause would be will instantly become “martyr” giving boast to their cause and popularity among the masses with lots and lots of sympathy of the people. This is what happening now in Pakistan. It will be early to writeoff Pervez Musharraf government completely because outrage is not spread country wide.

Comments on one of BBC article which as usual will not be published.

Pervez Musharraf is inclined toward second option according to latest news. Pervez Musharraf has sent pro government negotiators to convince Militant Tribal elders not to terminate the peace treaty. Peace treaty which is largely criticized by the UK and US government is already abandoned in NWFP for government not meeting their demands of removing all the military check posts. The attacks on security forces has already killed over 100 people.

Pervez Musharraf is taking the safe option of once again to make a workable deal with Militant tribal Elders which is for the benefit of Federal government which at large serve and protect the interest of Pakistan.

Pervez Musharraf all troubles are due to the his policies of following all the commands of Bush administration to fight his “war on terror”. The extremism could only be eliminated from Pakistan and in all other Muslim countries with taking positive steps not with bombing and killing innocent civilians.


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