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CNN Is Not News Network, It is Propaganda Machinery For Bush & Big Corporations.

Posted by QB on July 13, 2007

CNN has become the propaganda propaganda mouthpiece for Bush regime and big corporations. CNN does not broadcast news instead try to brainwash people with forcing their opinions on general public. CNN promoted the Iraq invasion so aggressively reporting one sided news stories supporting Bush war. CNN worked on very simple logic to report the biased news which favor their own interests and Bush regime knowing that there will be millions who will accept it as credible without verifying the truth and many more will start believing it if they keep repeating it over and over again, simple brain washing tactics.

The most biased news anchors on CNN are Lou Dobbs, Wolf Blitzer and Paula Zahn. These news anchors already reached to their old retirement age and age is the main reason for their rigid views and the other reason is their loyal support for Israel which they try to justify without any shame.

Wolf Blitzer should be replaced by Anderson Cooper. Lou Dobbs must be replaced with John King. Paula Zahn must be replaced by Soleded O’Brian. All three must be fired immediately and Wolf Blitzer should take Jack Cafferty with him who is an idiot who believe that US troops are fighting for Iraq’s democracy. Fired all three of them immediately.
CNN really does not report the world news instead they are more happy to broadcast some dog story (I switched to BBC so don’t know what it was) instead of reporting Lal Masjid standoff. CNN never did cover Lal Masjid story where there could be hundreds of people feared to have lost their lives. CNN absolutely has no coverage of Lebanon and Palestinian refugee camp fighting, instead they are broadcasting unimportant stories.

I don’t watch Fox because they are too radically promote Conservative agendas and BBC news is 30 minutes duration with 15 minutes are for business news but still they have better coverage of the world news than CNN. The only place is to get the news for independent perspective is Internet.

Sanjay Gupta the medical correspondent has lost all his credibility with attacking Michael Moore Sicko trying to defend his figures to be correct. Sanjay Gupta also make false claims regarding Canadian Health Care system. He looks like trying to protect the interests of big insurance corporations with huge paybacks.

Michael Ware is the only correspondent who is intelligent unbiased reporting the facts without spin. I would have suggested Michael Ware to replace Wolf Blitzer but really don’t want to lose an excellent reporter. I regard Michael Ware as the most trusted reporter on CNN actually he is the only reporter which justify CNN Logo “CNN Most Trusted Name In News”. My prayers are always for Michael Ware to be safe in Iraq and keep reporting the real news. Best regards for Michael Ware.

This is all time I have for CNN.


2 Responses to “CNN Is Not News Network, It is Propaganda Machinery For Bush & Big Corporations.”

  1. unitedcats said

    LOL And how do you know all this if you aren’t watching it? I agree though, occasionally a flash of reality slips through, but otherwise the mainstream media is just Disney Lite. Reality packaged and edited for entertainment value, not informative value.

  2. QB said

    Doug when CNN start the puppy video I immediately switch to BBC. Really don’t know what were they reporting.

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