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Bush – Iraq war under pressures at home and abroad.

Posted by QB on July 13, 2007

Bush is facing tough challenges for his Iraq war with House passes bill to start withdrawing troops within 120 days. The very interesting statement coming from Brown UK new Prime minister which is a clear indication that new prime minister Iraq policy will be different from Tony Blair.

Brown ally distances Britain from US over Iraq.

CNN reported that US troops and Iraqi Police clash briefly but I was in other room so did not hear properly how and why it happened. I will try to find out the news this is completely new situation making the Iraq occupation more difficult for US troops.

Iraq: U.S. forces kill 13 as Bush vows to win war.

Bush and Joe Lieberman will be the only two persons who believe that US is winning the war in Iraq.


5 Responses to “Bush – Iraq war under pressures at home and abroad.”

  1. ClapSo said

    There are still a handful of other idiots that believe the war is “winnable.” Their numbers shrink every day…

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  2. Mike said

    The liberals have placed great importance in our losing in Iraq. They claimed it was another Vietnam and by golly they are determined to see that it is.

  3. QB said


    I don’t agree with you that Liberals are to be blamed for Bush regime failures in Iraq.

  4. Tonja said

    I believe that we should pull out our troops and let them have at it…They say they can handle it, Well then let them, I am a former soldier and my daughter is currently in basic training, she has wrote home that a girl has tried to kill herself and others are suffering from depression and are SCARRIEED to deaht they are going to have to go and get killed for no reason. CAN this government PLEASE WAKE UP. when one post has lost 3,605 troops alone….

  5. QB said

    I can understand your feelings whose daughter have to go and fight unnecessary war. Maliki really had provided an excellent opportunity for US troops withdrawal with dignity. Bush regime if had any intelligence have the chance to bring back their troops.

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