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Senator Joe Lieberman is Moron.

Posted by QB on July 10, 2007

This is really so frustrating to listen to Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut who is still holding his senate seat due to the stupidity of 26% Democrats who voted for him knowing that he is the closest ally and supporter of Bush Iraq occupation. Joe Lieberman was speaking on the senate floor supporting Iraq war and Bush policy. Joe Lieberman is saying that US is winning the war in Iraq and the enemy which ofcourse is Al Qeada is on the run.

This is joke of the year so far and I am sure there will be plenty more coming from Republicans and Joe Lieberman in future. He also wants US to bomb Iran which he believe is necessary to send them the strong message. Is this fanatical Jew has lost his mind? Bombing Iran will be the last nail in the coffin for US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. I believe Joe Lieberman is more concerned of protecting Israel interests instead of US.

It was very interesting to listen to Hala Gorani from Baghdad just after Joe Lieberman speech on senate floor that 35 mortars rounds landed in Green Zone killing three people including one American and injured more than dozen people including Americans.

I posted this comments on Grumpy Lion blog yesterday.

The surge propaganda is for sure working for Americans who do not have the facts. The commanders and the His Master’s Voice Generals (Add Dog Picture here) are the only ones who believe it is working. The facts on the ground are still shows growing violence with some improvements in small areas where US Military admitted that the Iraqi Resistance moved out before their operation. This is the successful tactics of guerilla war not to get engaged with the powerful enemy head to head. The successful Guerilla War is to attack the enemy on their own terms selecting their own place and time, so thats what happening in Iraq.

You are right the guns will be used against the occupation military.


7 Responses to “Senator Joe Lieberman is Moron.”

  1. southernvoice said

    I agree a thousand times.

  2. QB said

    Thank you.

  3. gasdocpol said

    Lieberman is an Israeli agent no more no less.

  4. southernvoice said

    Lieberman, Rahm Emanuel, Schumer and others should be investigated, indicted, tried and hanged as agents for mucking Israel.

    Rahm Emanuel is the decider. He decides which candidates get the nomination for the Democratic party. No wonder hillary went to Israel and praised the Wall as a good thing.

    Emanuel was born in Israel, served in its military and is now a kingmaker in the United States government. No wonder we are a nation in decline.

    Moneybags in the northeast got rid of Gore who was anti invading Iraq and gave us John Kerry so that whether a liberal or neo con got into office the result for israel would be the same.

  5. QB said

    Rahm Emanuel and Schumer are new names for me and I have no information about these guys. I consider myself very well informed person but have to admit my ignorance. Thank you Southern Voice for this information.

    I will do some research on them.

    Rahm Emanuel is Congressman and Chuck Schumer is Democratic Senator, I now remember. I really don’t remember them saying anything which is against the interest of US. Do you remember Senator Paul Wellstone who died in plane crash with his wife and daughter. He too was Jew very honest man of character and principles.

  6. ClapSo said

    As far as I can tell, lieberman is only one out of 100 morons in the US senate. There are a whole load of morons in the US house.

    However, there is no one in the executive branch of the US government SMART ENOUGH TO BE CALLED A MORON!

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  7. 2008voter said

    “This is really so frustrating to listen to Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut”
    he is Senator of Connecticut. Are you guys all from Connecticut ? It is up to people of Connecticut to decide. it is not his goal to make you happy so i do not see how yours or your readers frustration is relevant. He won the election. and he did beat democratic left, remember? Tell about your frustration to Ned Lamont, still remember him? He did run against people like and he won No wander that you are frustrated but what you actually can do? Only to be frustrated.

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