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Pervez Musharraf Government & Lal Masjid.

Posted by QB on July 6, 2007

There are lots of interesting news recently like Bush commuted Libby prison sentence, Iraq where according to US Military commanders situation is improving which is not reflected in any news coming out of Iraq. The news which catch my attention when it was reported by BBC which is related to Lal Masjid. This Lal Masjid (Red Mosque) drama is continuing from last six months where religious male and female students are in lock-down situation demanding to implement Taliban type Sharia Laws in Pakistan. These students are violent criminals who had burned down plenty of businesses and even kidnapped the police officers.

This week these students tried to attack the law enforcement agencies which turned violent with exchange of fire from both sides killing 16 people including the police officers. Pervez Musharraf government showed leniency and offered these criminals to surrender and they will no press any charges against them and the government kept their promise by letting the people go home after they surrendered. The government also given them US 83/= each so they can go home without any hardship.

There are still hundreds of male and female students inside the mosque situation is still tense and this is all because Pervez Musharraf government weakness. Pervvez Musharraf government should have handled this siege with iron fist since the beginning of the situation. The interesting part of the story is that these Mullah brothers Abdul Aziz and Abdul Rashid Ghazi are hypocrites. Mullah Abdul Rashid Ghazi was arrested by a female police officer when he tried to escape during the violent confrontation in Burqa. These Mullahs used the religion to exploited the stupid sentiments of common Muslims who had no knowledge of Qur’an message for their own agendas.

The solution is simple arrest all these male and female violent criminal students using the force and put them in jails for creating unrest and destroying private and public properties.

CNN just reported that there was another attempt on Pervez Musharraf life with shots fired on the airplane from the top of the roof near Military Airbase.


2 Responses to “Pervez Musharraf Government & Lal Masjid.”

  1. Uberkoen said

    Thats what the government intends to do but it isn’t all that easy. The militants are holding little kids hostage in there and the government does not want to risk the lives of these kids. Those that surrendered were taken into custody for questions and if nothing suspicious is found, i.e links to terrorist organisations. They will be let go.

  2. QB said

    The law enforcement agencies must break into the Mosque and trust me all of these criminals will surrender. They are not that brave and courageous to stand up against the government power. These criminals got their courage because they believe government will not take any action.

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