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Salman Rushdie Awarded Knighthood With The Help of Sunnis & Shias.

Posted by QB on June 20, 2007

Salman Rushdie is in the news with Queeen Elizabeth decision to award the author British Knighthood. This was the news I was ignoring from last few days because it really do not affect me in anyway. This now become the hot news after protests breaking in Pakistan Malaysia Iran demanding British government to take back their decision to award Knighthood to Salman Rushdie. I have not read Salman Rushdie Satanic Verses so unable to comment on the novel. Salman Rusdie Satanic Verses become the best seller due to majority of Sunnis and Shias stupidity who make this novel the best seller making author the most popular all around the world and help him earn tens of millions (really don’t know the exact figure, its only an estimate). The majority of the Sunnis and Shias if acted intelligently by keeping their mouth shut instead of becoming Salman Rusdie sales force than the chances were this novel could have gone unnoticed just like all his previous novels. The violent protests and death punishment fatwas actually benefited Salman Rusdie in every-way, the novel become the best seller, he earned millions of dollars in royalty which was not possible without the help of these stupid Sunnis and Shias with their angry protests. The majority of Sunnis and Shias are still his best sales force making millions of dollars on every new novel he publish. Salman Rusdie was not very successful writer before Satanic Verses and the chances were nil to be awarded the Knighthood and he must thank these Sunnis and Shias for all his popularity and prosperity and now his Knighthood.


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