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US Democracy – Big Corporation Dictatorship.

Posted by QB on June 16, 2007

The majority of Americans believe that they are living in democracy and they are better than the rest of the world. They believe it is their right to export their Democracy to the rest of the world. There was too much negative propaganda against Hugo Chavez closing down TV station which sided with CIA to bring his government down which to me is fair decision. The real ugly face of US democracy was exposed to me when I watched documentary “Who Killed The Electric Car”. Before watching this interesting documentary I did not know that there were electric cars because this was never reported on CNN or any other main stream media. CNN give more coverage to all unimportant news like who is the father of Nicole Smith daughter, Britney spears shaving her head, Paris Hilton going to jail drama which to me is waste of time and have no interest in private lives of these celebrities.

The electric car which were build become very popular with people who care about environment and they were very happy to find alternative solution to oil. The demand for electric car was growing fast and quick but unfortunately this was killed by big oil companies, GM, and Bush regime.

“Many of the people who leased the car, including a number of celebrities, said the car drove like a dream.

“…the EV1 was a high performer. It could do a U-turn on a dime; it was incredibly quiet and smooth. And it was fast. I could beat any Porsche off the line at a stoplight. I loved it,” Actress, Alexandra Paul told NOW. ”

The project was dead to protect the Big Corporations interest and Bush regime sided with these corporations because he is in White House to protect the interest of rich and powerful like all the previous Presidents and future Presidents. The Big Corporations are the dictators who decide which products we must use which can bring them more profits.

The following is the link which can provide more information about this sad incident which never was covered by CNN. This is the real crime and ugly face of US democracy.

Who Killed The Electric Car?


2 Responses to “US Democracy – Big Corporation Dictatorship.”

  1. David said

    I’m a native US citizen and totally agree that the corruption in large corporations and our federal government are keeping our country dependent on the dinosaur technology of gasoline engines which forces us to be at the mercy of the oil suppliers of the middle east countries. If we spent as much on alternative energy research, new battery technology, and new electric motor technology for electric cars as we have spent and continue to spend fighting Bush’s war we could have freed ourselves from the grasp of oil which pollutes our air and water causing all sorts of respiratory problems and other health problems. We wouldn’t be fighting these wars over oil if we didn’t have to use so much of this evil product.

    I saw the movie “Who Killed the Electric Car” and was so mad at GM, Ford, Toyota, and the Bush administration when the movie was over I decided to set my goals to get my hands on the first electric car that goes on the market. I’m looking at a model made by a small company in California called Phoenix Motor Cars (http://www.phoenixmotorcars.com/). They are saying they will have a consumer model available in about one year in California but it may be two years before they are able to branch out to the rest of the USA. I just hope some big corporation like GM doesn’t buy them out to keep the product from going to market! It’s the smaller companies that seem to have the goals to make a profit by producing a product that will help free us from oil dependency. I don’t trust that GM will ever produce a 100% electric car. The “Volt” car they are working on is still dependent on gas to recharge the batteries.

    It is sad that the vast majority of Americans do not approve of Bush’s war and feel he is nothing better than a dictator in Washington. He won’t listen to the people nor the members of congress. I believe his attitude and actions are part of the “New World Order” that his dad and him are trying to push on everyone both here and overseas. He wants us to think he is a Christian but from what I’ve been researching he has sold his soul to Satan starting back in his college days when he joined the “Skull and Bones” fraternity which his father also belonged to and many of our previous presidents.

  2. QB said


    I was very angry after watching the movie. These big corporations and Bush administration actually not only abandoned the project but they take back all EV1 from their customers who fall in love with the car performance and design. Those customers try to buy back all EV1 which were sitting in GM’s lot but the company chose to destroy all EV1 instead of selling them to the people.

    I hope the small companies will bring back the electric car back for consumers and environment. Main stream media must give more coverage to electric car for public awareness.

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