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Palestine – Iraq – Lebanon Situation and Bush Freedom Democracy Policy.

Posted by QB on June 16, 2007

The situation in Middle East is becoming more complex with violence spreading into Palestine and Lebanon with continued violence in Iraq. Bush invaded Iraq to find WMD and changed their position when they did not find any WMD to spreading freedom and democracy in Middle East. The Bush regime or as a matter of fact none of the USA previous administration has any interest to bring real democracy in Middle East and Latin America. The objectives of US is only to protect its own interests by supporting corrupt oppressive Middle East governments.

The Bush regime with its European allies is responsible for the present situation of Palestine. Bush and its European allies cut off all the financial aid to Palestine after Hamas take control of the government after defeating Fatah in democratic elections. Bush and European countries who claimed to be the champions of democracy and freedom did not accept the Palestine election results, they actually rejected the mandate of the people and encouraged Fatah security agencies for violent demonstrations against government. Fatah did never accepted the election results like Bush regime never co-operated with Hamas government instead they chose to fight their own people to gain power which they lost because they become corrupt. Mahmoud Abbas is trying to please the Bush regime fired the democratically elected Hamas government. Bush supported Abbas decision and pledges to lift embargo.

Bush really do not want the real democracies in Middle East or any region of the world. Their only goal is to keep the governments in the hands of corrupt politicians who support US and its all oppression policies and protect US big corporations interests. The real democracy in Middle East and in other regions of the world will always bring people into power who want to protect the interests of their own country and people first instead of protecting US big corporations. The examples of such Democracies are Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Iran and Malaysia which will never accepted by US no matter who is in White House.

CNN and the US administration are quick to blame Iran for Palestine present situation and the Syria for Lebanon. The truth is that Bush regime is responsible for Palestine situation with supporting undemocratic actions taken by Mahmoud Abbas to topple down democratically elected Hamas government.

There is no improvement in Iraq situation with Bush “way forward” policy with increased number of troops. The violence is shifted from Anbar province to other areas of Iraq and now with second bombing of Shia Golden Dome Shrine will increase sectarian hatred and violence. Sistani the Grand Ayatollah finally break his silence with condemning the attack on Golden Mosque. Sistani who never condemned the sectarian violence which killed thousands of people which to me is more inhumane than destruction of this Golden Dome Shrine. The Sunni Shia religious scholars feel pain when some building is destroyed and feel no pain and sympathy for the people who are getting killed in the name of religion. They can build this Golden Dome Shrine again but they can’t bring back single dead person back to life who was killed for the love of their sect and lifeless building.

The majority of Sunnis Shias are under the control of Sistani like religious leaders who are hypocrites. The Sunni Shias are so stupid and brainless who don’t realize that what they are doing has helped the foreign military to invade and occupy their country.


5 Responses to “Palestine – Iraq – Lebanon Situation and Bush Freedom Democracy Policy.”

  1. abufazl said

    It may be better to rethink your words, if it wasn’t for Ayatollah Sistani there would be an all out civil war in Iraq right now but because of the leaders there is relative peace.

  2. farhang Adib said

    Dear friend QB
    Abulfazl is right .Ayatollah Sistani has a great influence on preventiong violence in Iraq.He is a wise man with a big heart and deep mind .I always follow Iraq news and I know what I am saying
    thank you

  3. farhang Adib said

    Dear QB
    I would like to add something to my above comment.
    You are right in many parts of your sentences above. The real will and attitude of us politicians is well explained .
    The situation in Palestine is well and properly described.
    On Iraq ,there is a more complicated game running. The hand of US creating violence with the close cooperation of some terrorists is clear. But I agree with you that some Shia and Sunnis are ignorant over there and cheated
    By the game of US. As far as the destruction of the Golden Shrine is concerned, it is a holly symbol and is condemned when badly insulted. For sure it is not in conflict with condemning of Iraqis massacre by US troops.
    Mr.Sistani has always tried to prevent a religious war. in most cases he was successful .He has not directly given the permission of war against US troop so far , because he is trying to solve the problem with minimum
    Possible violence. US can not stay any more in Iraq legally by the end of 2008(although the invasion was elligal). And Sistani is counting on this point. But US government is trying to sign a one sided security agreement with the government of Iraq. If it is done according the present content, they will try to keep staying for decades. In that case the holly and national war will gradually start. For sure Americans will have a lot of difficulties to establish such a nasty and horrible security agreement.
    One funny point, in that agreement the US has asked to construct 12 to 24 permanent military base in Iraq territory. This is a real threat to our security and they are blaming us why we are so sensitive about the situation in Iraq. They are really rude and savage. They will not succeed. In my opinion they will not leave Iraq unless they are thrown out . This should be done by Iraqi nation. For sure if they do not leave ,this will happen and many American
    Soldiers will suffer the consequences. But that is not important for your politicians at all .

  4. QB said

    Friend Farhang,

    The sectarian division in Iraq is the result of US invasion and occupation. This sectarian hatred become worst with Sistani accepted the occupation authority not giving permission to fight against the occupation military along side with Sunni Resistance. The war is very much prescribed to defend the country and the people and Sistani is wrong who believe that US occupation military will leave their country without resistance. The present Iraqi government is US puppet who only rule on 4 KM Green Zone.

    Iraq has become more peaceful with US troops signing peace treaty with Sunni Resistance giving them money for not fighting. This is a temporary solution because Sunni and Shias agree that US must withdraw all their military from Iraq. Iraqis are very oppose to permanent bases in their country.

  5. farhang Adib said

    Friend QB
    My opinion is the same that the occupation military should be forced to leave .This is the cost that Iraqis should pay for their freedom. I think Mr.Sistani knows that the occupation will not stop unless by force, but he tries to pay less cost . In fact we both are saying the same thing except in the tactics issue adopted by him. Recently he strongly condemned the Security agreement between the occupation government and Iraqi government. He said as long as he is alive, he will not let such an agreement be made. This means more pressure on the Iraqi government and the evidence of national confrontation starting between The US and people of Iraq.
    To where America is going ? Their reputation is completely destroyed . they try to enjoy their life with the cost of others live in hell.People like Mc Cain, Bush …. are destroying your lives too.In nature many people like me are calm,but US politicians are forcing every body into violence.In here the people are resisting for their prouds and principles,while on the other side thier armed forced are fighting for money .
    even more ,simple American soldiers do not know waht they are fighting for.Corrup US leaders can not change the geopolitics of Middle East.We will not let them to do so .

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