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House passes embryonic stem cell bill.

Posted by QB on June 7, 2007

Bush has threaten to veto this bill.

Bush said Tuesday the bill “violates the clear standard I set four years ago.”

“This bill would take us across a critical ethical line by creating new incentives for the ongoing destruction of emerging human life,” the president said. “Crossing this line would be a great mistake.”

Bush doctrine not to destroy the emerging life but to destroy it completely from earth with bombs. Hypocrite, moron, religious nut perfectly fits Bush personality.

Bush veto  the stem cell bill. Bush use his radical religious belief to veto this bill. The only scientific research and development is acceptable to these religious nuts is the destructive nuclear bombs, cluster bombs, long range missiles which will destroy God’s earth one day. Stem cell research which will benefit humanity in the future is not acceptable to them. When will these religious nuts wake up and open their mind towards God and religion. Not in the near future in my own opinion.


One Response to “House passes embryonic stem cell bill.”

  1. ClapSo said


    Don’t g’dubya put the H in hypocrite?

    Too bad the dems put the rest of the letters in by supporting g’dubya’s war!

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

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