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Putin raises spectre of nuclear war in Europe.

Posted by QB on June 5, 2007

Putin is threatening that Russia will place its own missiles with nuclear head towards Europe if US does not stop building Defense Missiles System in Eastern Europe. Bush on the other hand in Czech Republic spreading this “FREEDOM AGENDA” where he criticize Russia’s democracy is derailed and this will make Putin more angry. The US democracy was derailed when Bush was appointed President of the country. Bush regime has done everything in their power to derailed the country democratic system. Patriotic act, detained people without any charges, Abu Ghraib prison torture, Guantanamo Bay prison detention and torture, spying on Americans, freedom of speech where all opposing views are considered unpatriotic, corruption of Bush cabinet with his own crime of lying to the World to invade Iraq. The rest of the world would applause each and every word coming out of Bush’s mouth but nobody has the courage to point these undemocratic attitude of Bush regime. Bush really is shameless characterless person who is in Europe giving sermon to Czech  about “DEMOCRACY”.

Putin Threat.


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