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Democratic Presidential Candidates On Faith Politics.

Posted by QB on June 5, 2007

Three tier 1 Democratic Presidential candidates talk about their faith and politics with Soledad O’Brian. Soledad O’Brian earn my respect for asking interesting questions to all three candidates John Edwards, Hilary Clinton and Barak Obama. She also very strictly impose the time limit on all these three without without favoring one over another. Soledad O’Brian is intelligent fair and she should be the moderator of next Presidential debate instead of dishonest and biased Wolf Blitzer.

After watching the program again John Edwards was the most impressive who speak freely about his faith related to his personal life tragedies losing his son in accident and his wife Elizbeth Edwards cancer. John Edwards was very candid answering poverty question and his reply was very impressive.

Barak Obama is turned into “career politician” according to Jesse Ventura term which he use for all the politician. Barak Obama give very confusing answers to questions trying to bring irrelevant issues which were unnecessary. Barak Obama only answer one question asked by the religious panel and that too was so confusing that nobody in the audience or watching the program understand what he is saying. I liked Barak Obama but after watching him on debate and last night he has joined the category of rest of the politicians who will try to win election by saying what majority of voters want to hear instead of speaking the truth. Barak Obama is another shallow politician and he certainly is not Presidential material.

Hilary Clinton is very intelligent person and she sure was better than Barak Obama.

The clear choice between these politicians is the lesser evil which in this case is John Edwards. Love to see Dennis Kucinich win the nomination but this is not going to happen.


One Response to “Democratic Presidential Candidates On Faith Politics.”

  1. I’m not opposed to politicians who have faith — in fact, I think it is necessary to help guide our country. But I want it to be real. I want it to be genuine. I dont want it to be just for the cameras.

    There is a great conversation about Politicians and faith found here:


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