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Presidential Race 2008.

Posted by QB on June 4, 2007

CNN most biased dishonest person Wolf Blitzer was the moderator of last night Democrats Presidential race and it was no surprise for me to see that he did not fairly moderated the debate. Wolf Blitzer completely ignored Dennis Kucinich and Former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel. Mike Gravel is the only Presidential candidate which I don’t have any knowledge about but he was also the victim of unfair treatment of Wolf Blitzer with Dennis Kucinich. These two Gentlemen were given very little time on two hours debate and when they get the question they were interrupted by Wolf Blitzer without letting them to explain their point of view..

Hilary Clinton was the one who get most of the time. The most of the CNN political pundits believe that Hilary Clinton won this debate but what I heard was lots of empty talk without discussing any solid policies for the future.

John Edwards to me was impressive better than Hilary Clinton and Barak Obama.

Barak Obama was unimpressive tumble and fumble over simple questions trying to find proper words to explain himself. Barak Obama was the best speaker who had no difficulty speaking on any subject without taking any pause but it looks like his last four years in Senate had made him a typical politician who will say anything to please the voters to get elected. Barak Obama also quickly jump in to Dennis Kucinich response who do not favor US strike to kill Osama Bin Laden which might kill innocent civilians. Barak Obama get the applause promising to kill Osama Bin Laden who has killed 3000 Americans.

Dennis Kucinich is the honest politician and unfortunately had no chance of winning the nomination of Democratic party. The problem is majority of the voters don’t have the intelligence and wisdom to understand his message. The voters will keep electing the biggest liars. The honest truth speaking politicians had no chances of ever getting elected to be the President of USA. This is what I hate most about Democracy where ignorant rule over intelligence.


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