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Pakistan School Shut, Blasphemy Alleged.

Posted by QB on June 3, 2007

A Christian Nursing school shut down and its Principle suspended with four Christian students again on alleged charges of blasphemy. This religious madness on the rise due to Pervez Musharraf weakness not dealing it properly. The Islamic school Jamia Hafsa and Lal Masjid (Red Mosque) are taken over by Mullah brothers and their students have taken police officers hostages, burned the video shops with tens of thousands CDs and Pervez Musharraf government is scared to use force against these Mullahs because he is already facing Chief Justice removal demonstrations. These charges according to School Doctors are brought up by the female students of Islamic school Jamia Hafsa presently in lockup situation in Lal Masjid and library in Islamabad.

Pervez Musharraf must now use the force to take back the control of Jamia Hafsa Lal Masjid and Library without any delay.

Source : Christian Principal and Four Students suspended on Blasphemy charges.


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