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Bush – Current Defense Secretary.

Posted by QB on June 3, 2007

Robert Gates Bush new Defense Secretary is no better than previous Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld who believed that US is on the right direction in Iraq till his last day in office and that Americans are winning the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is Robert Gates second stupid statement which is related to Afghanistan.

Despite a rise in insurgent violence this spring, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Sunday he is convinced that American and NATO forces are making steady progress against the Taliban.”

He did not mentioned any steady progress which NATO forces against Taliban. The progress I see in Afghanistan is very active Taliban Resistance, Opium production growth and export, opening of Chinese Brothel in Kabul. Besides these improvements there is no steady progress in Afghanistan against Taliban.

Bush regime adopted the policy of blaming others for all their failures and Robert Gates is no exception in blaming Pakistan for providing safe heaven for Taliban. The reality is Afghanistan and Pakistan NWFP region share the same culture, tribal system, speak the same language and always had very close relationship. Talibans would always find support sympathy and refuge when needed and the Pakistan government who does not have total control of all these tribes will always be helpless. Bush regime must have read the history of Afghanistan before invading that country that they never submitted to any foreign occupation including British Empire and USSR. Their resistance against NATO forces will not stop until they occupy their country. The other very wrong assumption Bush regime has that they will change their way of life where all Afghans start looking like European and Americans which is not working because they don’t wanted to change their appearance or their tribal ways of life.

Robert Gates and Bush regime must keep fighting this unnecessary war for decades and the result will not be different than British Empire and USSR.


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