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Hugo Chavez – Supported by Civil Societies Groups.

Posted by QB on June 1, 2007

Hugo Chavez get the support of Civil Societies Groups who are blaming the recent demonstrations are planned and backed by CIA and US to destabilize their country’s democratically elected government. Hugo Chavez is elected in democratic elections and US Fox News and CNN refer to him as the dictator are trying again to bring his government down with 2002 like coup.

“The Venezuelan people forcefully reject the interference of the United States government in the internal affairs of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Once again the CIA has put a destabilization plan in place with the objective of overthrowing the Bolivarian government and of assassinating President Hugo Chavez,” said the opening paragraph of the document.

Later in the document the text makes reference to recent revelations of “documents that show the payment in dollars of journalists” from RCTV and Globovision “by the government of the United States, through the National Endowment for Democracy, connected with the US State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency through Freedom House.”

The document assures that the plan seeks to create violence and deaths in the street with the intention of discrediting and weakening the government of Hugo Chavez.

In contradiction to the claims made by the media regarding freedom of expression in the country, the social organizations claim that RCTV and Globovision have systematically “called for subversion, chaos, fascism, terrorism, and assassination.”

“These television channels have been spokespersons of foreign interests, specifically those of the Bush government, whose final objective is to overthrow and assassinate President Hugo Chavez,” they said.

Complete article. VenezuelanAnalysis.com.


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