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CNN Operated By Mental Retards?

Posted by QB on May 31, 2007

CNN is run by mental retards this is my conclusion after watching their news coverages my whole life. CNN news coverage give air time to news which are not really very important or have no significant value just like they are doing it with one TB patient story since last night prime time news. Wolf Blitzer, Lou Dobbs, Paula Zahn, Anderson Cooper all give much of their news time to this story which only require 2 minutes air time for information purposes. CNN ignored all the important news stories including US Chinook shot down in Southern Afghanistan, 13 family members killed by pro Taliban Militants in Pakistan and there was no news about Iraq and the growing tension between Turkey and Iraq.

CNN also stick to breaking news story even when they don’t have much information what really happened. All they do keep repeating the same material over and over again for hours and days to come showing the same video clips, an example of their stupidity was Virgina Tech killings where they had no information about what really happened and how did it happened. CNN media circus moved to Virginia Tech campus with their cameras and their mentally retarded news anchors for three nights. Wolf Blitzer did wasted his whole three hours coverage when he started to report some plane crash story and he did not had much to report so started talking about the wing span of the plane. Nobody is interested in knowing what is the wing span of crashed plane all people want to hear and watch the latest news. The people tuned in to get all the news for the day without getting stuck in some breaking news story getting repeated over and over again with the no information or the same information. CNN mental retards must learn to move on to other important news of the day after reporting any breaking news story and they can go back to breaking news story when they have all the information.

Is the responsibillity of Producer or the News Editor to decide what they will be reporting? I am not sure but whoever is responsible is an idiot.


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