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Bush Supporting Kurdish Terrorists.

Posted by QB on May 31, 2007

Bush wants to kill all the terrorists who speak against the wrong US policies in all Muslim countries in Middle East Asia Africa as well as in Latin America are now supporting Kurdish PKK terrorists in Iran and Turkey. Turkey blamed Kurdish separatists for the recent bomb attack and now the other brief news from Iran which report killing of 11 Kurdish terrorists by Iranian Revolutionary Guards at the Northern Turkish border. This is not very intelligent policy adopted by Bush regime because they have ignored the consequences of Kurdish rebellion which will not be tolerated by Turkey Iran and Syria. US who blame all Iraq violence on Iran and Syria and wants them to co-operate to stabilise Iraq can’t expect any serious co-operation when they themselves are supporting Kurds terrorism in Iran and Turkey at the moment with no reports of violence from Syria.

Turkey has buildup its military presence on Iraqi Kurdish border and are not backing-down from their demands that Iraqi puppet government take action against Kurds terrorists and destroy their cells otherwise they will move into Iraq Kurdish area to clean up these terrorists cells. The Bush stupidity has already made Middle East complete mess and with new conflicts with Turkey and Iran will make it worst. The US military and its allies are finding it difficult to fight and defeat Iraqi Resistance which are fighting with outdated weapons homemade bombs IEDs than how they expect to win war against Turkey and Iran who had very strong Military. Turkish troops, reinforced by planes and helicopter gunships, have killed 14 PKK guerrillas in operations near the border since Monday.

Iran Syria and Turkey will be united to fight Kurdish speratists and they will now try to unite Sunni and Shiite Resistance against the occupation military. This would be their way of fighting Bush “terrorism” in their countries. Muqtada Al Sadr who wants all the Iraqis united against the occupation must be working on Iranian plans. The united Sunni and Shiite Resistance will be dangereous for occupation forces and it will be good for Iraqis because it it deacrease the sectarian violence and killing of innocent people. Their support will grow as it will become the national movement against occupiers. This is what I can analyze for the near future in Iraq.

Iran is blaming US on Kurds recent violence and claim that all the rebels killed had American made arms.

Iran says rebels had US-made arms.


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