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Taliban Down US Chinook in Southern Afghanistan.

Posted by QB on May 30, 2007

Taliban are claiming that they have shot US Chinook which is confirmed by Pentagon without revealing the number of dead and wounded soldiers. The BBC is reporting 8 US troops were killed and 14 injured. Pentagon reporter also reported that helicopter is crashed in result of some enemy fire. This is the real situation of Afghanistan war. The Bush regime and the CNN reporters who reports from Kabul try to make the news that everything is working so well in Afghanistan that now Afghans have their first Chinese brothel in the city. These reporters which includes Nic Robertson ignore the facts on the ground which tells me that outside Kabul there is still very strong support and sympathy for Talibans among the majority of the population.

Anderson Cooper talked to very young Afghan boys and they all praised Talibans for providing security schools clinics and electricity during their rule which all not available after the US invasion and occupation of Afghanistan. The other factors are their culture language religious brotherhood which will always be with Talibans instead of foreigners who invaded their country. Bush will leave White House in year and half but Afghanistan war will continue for decades to come if US decided to stay that long which I doubt will happen. So the end result in Afghanistan is no Victory for US and this no US Victory will be translated and propagated as the “Greatest Victory against the US” by Talibans and Al Qaeda.


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