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Pervez Musharraf looks like losing his power for Bush War on Terror.

Posted by QB on May 29, 2007

There is very little hope for Pervez Musharraf will hang on to his power for very long. The street protests are escalating for firing of Chief Justice who had exploited his removal for political gain and creating unrest in the country. Pervez Musharraf is also facing tough fighting in NWFP where he is fighting Bush favorite “war on terror”. A suicide bomber killed two soldiers and wounding eight as they were heading to retrieve the car and the body of officer who was also killed by the tribesmen.

The news coming out of Pakistan always mentioned killing “foreign fighters” which was very confusing to me and when I investigated further  and find out that foreigners who come to fight the USSR occupation settled in these areas and they are living there since end of USSR occupation. They never went back to their countries of origin, adopted the lifestyle of Afghanistan and NWFP tribesmen, marry the local women have children and grand children. Pervez Musharraf sowed the seed of hatred between tribesmen and these settlers to please his master George W. Bush. I can’t read all the related news in details because of my limited time but it looks like tribesmen and settlers have some kind of unity who are fighting against the Pakistan Military who has launched so many attacks on civilian compounds and Madrases.

Afghanistan situation is getting more violent with Taliban attacks and now there is unrest in Northern area as well. Hamid Karzai is helpless just like Pervez Musharraf and the year and half of Bush Presidency will be very turbulent.


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