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Hugo Chavez and Latin America & Middle East.

Posted by QB on May 25, 2007

Hugo Chavez who is the most hated person in USA and its European allies to me is courageous passionate peace loving person who wanted to improve the lives of common people not only in his country but for whole poor Latin Americans. Hugo Chavez is also considered the greatest threat for USA but the truth is the other-way around. USA is a real threat to Venezuela and Hugo Chavez, its people and their Oil as long as Bush mafia is in control. Bush did try to topple Hugo Chavez government down with the help of CIA and corrupt Venezuelans elite which failed.

This are few Hugo Chavez achievements. Poverty went down to 34% from 40%, free health care for Venezuelans, building cheap housing for poor, education. Hugo Chavez also helped the poor neighboring countries in building hospitals, providing he subsidized oil, subsidized fertilizers for the farmers. Hugo Chavez is savior in Cuba who has hired doctors and other professionals and it is his efforts which has improved the lives of Cubans with higher standard of living and more quantities and varieties of food in market.

Hugo Chavez is a real hero and a true leader. Hugo Chavez friendship with the last revolutionary alive Fidel Castro is also criticised by USA and its European allies. The majority of ignorant American believe that Fidel Castro is some kind of monster which of-course is not true and they blame him for poor economy and poverty which again is propaganda. The truth is Cubans are suffering from last 45 years because of brutal US embargo. Forbes magazine published report that Fidel Castro personal wealth is over 900 million dollars in foreign banks. Fidel Castro blasted Forbes magazine and US imperialists for three hours on TV and challenged them to prove this false accusation. Fidel Castro promised to resign from the government if they prove that he even have any foreign account with 1 dollar balance.

The other example of this kind of propaganda is Kim Jong Il who in the west is known as some kind of mentally unstable crazy person. The truth if you analyze the North Korea situation the country’s poor are suffering due to US sanctions. Kim Jong Il is more sane than George W. Bush who know the consequences of starting a military conflict with South Korea and his threats are simply to seek the attention of international community so he can get some favors.

Democracy is good and dictatorship is evil maybe the good slogan for US but in reality people really don’t care much about the government or the head of State as long as they have security and financial stability. The good US democracy don’t have free medical for all US citizens and there are 49 million poor who don’t have any medical insurance. The good US democracy is not providing cheap eduction (Venezuela has free eduction, but not sure).

I believe that it is not the responsibility of US and its European allies to invade country for regime change. The people of the country can and they have the capability and the power to topple down any evil dictator of their country. Why Fidel Castro is still in power? The answer to this question is that because he had the support of Cubans and that is why there is no real opposition build up against his government. Saddam Hussein came into power with the support of US government and CIA. Saddam Hussein enjoyed power because majority of the Iraqis feel that comfortable with him except Kurd terrorists and Shiites. Iraqis if they were so against Saddam Hussein they could have toppled him down with people power like now they are fighting against the superpower of the world for their freedom.

Hugo Chavez has started common socialists reforms which are spreading in Latin America like wild fire with Nicaragua, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Chile, Ecuador has leftist governments developing close relationship with neighboring country which will bring financial stability for the common people. Hugo Chavez is the fresh breeze which will shape Latin America very better way.

Hugo Chavez has to implement tough policies to fight the increasing crimes in Caracas and had to start projects which benefits poor people. Hugo Chavez if really don’t know that crime and housing are the main grievances of poor people than he is as much disconnected with reality as George W. Bush. Hugo Chavez cannot claim to be the leader of poor if he really don’t know their problems.

This is not new post was written very poorly long time ago. I just try to correct the spellings and try to improve the quality for people interest.


One Response to “Hugo Chavez and Latin America & Middle East.”

  1. Anonymous said

    1.- about “peace loving person” … his speech is very violen, he is not a preacher of peace… he wants all the people to have guns and be part of the milicias … all people in this video are civilians

    2.- free health care for Venezuelans ? …it has always been free long before chavez … actually he hasnt built ANY new public hospital in Caracas … (they are all from the 50’s and 60’s)

    3.- about the $ and oil just see this … an venezuelan owned oil company … where ? in USA. actually USA has always been its biggest oil-trading partner in the past and present.


    4.- about what you say “but in reality people really don’t care much about the government or the head of State as long as they have security ” here is your answer …




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