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Turkish Army Buildup On Iraq Kurd Border. Update.

Posted by QB on May 24, 2007

Turkish government started to move its Military on Iraq Kurd border after suicide bomb attacked in Turkey which kill 5 people and injured dozens. Turkish Prime Minister delivered the speech that he would allow attack on Kurd terrorists if military ask for such an attack. The Turkish General told the reporters that Kurds invasion may come in few weeks and they have the right to protect their country and its people from terrorists.

Kurds are the constant problem for Turkey, Iran, Syria and Iraq and they have become bold with the US support that they are untouchables who can get away with all their terrorism with US support. This will create new problems for Bush regime “war on terror” because they can’t take sides on this conflict supporting Kurds which will result in losing key Muslim World Ally Turkey. The other reason for not supporting Kurds will be due to their military weakness where they don’t have enough number of troops to stabilize Iraq rather starting another military conflict with very strong and courageous Turkish Military.

Lets wait and some where this conflict is heading.

This is the update on Turkey bombing. Six killed and 91 injured. The following is taken from Turrkish Daily News.

A suicide bomb attack killed six and injured 91on Tuesday, in the center of Ankara. The attack created hatred and anger throughout the nation against the PKK with calls for a long debated cross border operation into northern Iraq.

Earlier, Chief of General Staff Gen. Yaşar Büyükanıt said the military thinks that such an operation would be useful, but that they needed a political decision to conduct it.

Prime Minister Erdoğan, upon a question about an incursion, dismissed the claims that the military and the government felt apart on the issue. �The situation is very sensitive. The necessary steps will be made. There will be no delay.

Erdoğan underlined that they have already asked the military whether they have a request from the Parliament, adding, �But of course when it comes to the Parliament it is something else, an extraordinary thing. The Parliament would convene and the decision would be taken. But if you make this step now and take a vague decision, you can imagine how it could affect countries in the future.�

Erdoğan criticized the U.S. for neglecting the PKK, saying, “We would like to see help from our friends.”

The report also says that there is no operation underway for an operations. Turkey Prime Minister and General statements are contradictory looks like they don’t have any real plan to deal with Kurdish terrorism. Its all political empty threats to avoid public anger keeping in mind they will have to face public in June election.


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